How to use 'Surprise Me'

Surprise Me is available when you watch Netflix on a TV or an Android phone or tablet. It instantly plays a TV show or movie that you haven't watched before.

New Netflix members see Surprise Me after their first month.

  • On a TV, you can find Surprise Me in the menu, when selecting a profile, or as a row on the home screen.

    On Chromecast, Surprise Me requires Chromecast with Google TV or higher. Surprise Me is not available on Apple TV.
  • On an Android phone or tablet, you can find Surprise Me as an icon and a row on the Home screen.

To select a different title

To include suggestions from titles you haven't finished watching or from My List, go to the right side of the screen and select Play Something Else.

To exit Surprise Me

  • On a TV, go to the upper left corner and select Exit, or select the Back button on the remote.

  • On an Android phone or tablet, go to the upper left corner and tap the back arrow.

Surprise Me is turned on by default and can't be turned off.