Netflix says 'An error occurred loading this content.'

If you see an error on your Apple TV that says

An error occurred loading this content. Try again later.

It typically points to a network connectivity issue that is preventing your device from reaching the Netflix service. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

Test your internet connection

  1. From the main Apple TV menu, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select General.

  3. Select Network.

  4. Select Test Network.

  5. Select OK.

  6. Select Yes.

  7. Select the download speed you expect from your internet connection.

If the connection test fails, see Apple's support site for help troubleshooting your Apple TV's connection to your home network. If the test succeeds, continue on to the next step.

Restart your Apple TV

  1. Unplug your Apple TV and the TV it's connected to from power for at least 2 minutes.

  2. Plug both devices back in.

  3. Turn both devices back on.

  4. Try Netflix again.

Update the firmware on your Apple TV

  1. From the Apple TV main menu, select Settings.

  2. Select General.

  3. Select Software Updates.

  4. Select Update Software/Update automatically.

  5. Select Download and Install.

  6. Once the update is complete, try Netflix again.​

If your Apple TV displays the message Your Apple TV is up to date and you are on a version lower than 6.2.1, we recommend contacting Apple or visiting Apple's support site for assistance. To check your firmware version, follow the steps below.
  1. From the Apple TV main menu, select Settings.

  2. Select General.

  3. Select About.

  4. Verify that your software version is 6.2.1 or above.

Restart your home network

  1. Turn off or unplug your streaming media player.
    Turn your streaming player off, wait 10 seconds, then power back on.

  2. Unplug your modem (and your wireless router, if it's a separate device) from power for 30 seconds.

  3. Plug in your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on. If your router is separate from your modem, plug it in and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on.

  4. Turn your streaming media player back on and try Netflix again.

Improve your Wi-Fi signal

If you're connecting over Wi-Fi and the above steps didn't help, follow these suggestions:

  • Move your router to improve signal strength. Reception is best if the router is in a central location.

  • Move wireless devices such as cordless phones or microwave ovens away from your router.

  • Elevate your router off the floor. A router on a bookshelf or desk has better reception than one that's behind or under furniture.

Restore your default connection settings

  • If you use custom settings on your device, restore your internet provider's default settings and try Netflix again.

  • If you connect with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy service, turn it off and connect directly with your home internet.

  • If you use a custom DNS setting on your device, reset it to acquire DNS automatically.

If you need help changing the connection settings, contact the device manufacturer.

What to do next

If you complete the steps above but still can't connect to Netflix, contact your internet service provider. They can help you determine whether your router is set up properly.