How do I redeem my Netflix gift subscription?

Redeeming a Netflix gift is easy. Just go to and enter the gift or promotion code to get started (some promotional offers from third parties may have some additional restrictions). If you're new to Netflix, you'll be prompted to create a new Netflix account. To apply your gift to an existing account, be sure to sign into Netflix before redeeming your gift.

Questions about Netflix gifts:

Can I use a Netflix gift or promotion with my iTunes account?

Netflix gifts or promotions can't be used on an account that's billed via iTunes. Your Netflix gift can be redeemed by first cancelling your Netflix billing through iTunes, then redeeming your gift once your current subscription has ended.

Do gift subscriptions expire?

Nope--unredeemed gifts purchased after August 20, 2010 never expire.

Do Netflix promotion codes expire?

Some promotion codes may have an expiration date, so it's best to redeem them as soon as possible.

What happens when my gift or promotion ends?

Your account will automatically close at the end of your gift or promotion. If you've added payment information to your Netflix account during your gift time, your account will remain open and we'll simply bill you once per month until you cancel your account.

What happens if I cancel my account during my gift time?

You can cancel your account at any time -- we'll let you continue streaming until remaining value of your gift or promotion is used up.

We're excited that someone has chosen to share the Netflix love of movies and television with you. Additional information about Netflix gifts can be found in our complete Gift Terms.

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