How do I redeem my Netflix gift subscription?

To redeem a Netflix gift subscription, visit and enter the gift subscription code. If you're new to Netflix, you'll be prompted to start a new Netflix account. If you're an existing Netflix customer but you aren't signed in, click the sign in option under Already have an account?

Please note that a Netflix gift subscription is different from a Netflix Gift Card. If you are interested in purchasing or have questions about Netflix Gift Cards, please visit Netflix Gift Cards.

If you have questions about a promotion offered by a partner, please visit How do I redeem my Netflix promotion?

Questions about Netflix gift subscriptions:

Can I use a Netflix gift subscription with my iTunes billed account?

Netflix gift subscriptions or promotions cannot be used on an account that's billed via iTunes. If you currently pay through iTunes but would like to use a gift subscription, you will need to cancel your Netflix account and restart it by redeeming your gift.

Do gift subscriptions expire?

No. Unredeemed gift subscriptions purchased after August 20, 2010 never expire.

What happens when my gift subscription ends?

If you do not have another payment method on your account, your membership will automatically end at the end of your gift subscription. If you've added payment information to your Netflix account during your gift subscription, your account will remain open and we will bill you once per month until you cancel your account.

What happens if I cancel my account during my gift subscription time?

You can cancel your account at any time -- you will be able to continue streaming until the remaining value of your gift subscription or promotion is used up.

We're excited that someone has chosen to share Netflix with you. Additional information about Netflix gift subscriptions can be found in our complete Gift Terms.