How does iTunes billing work with Netflix?

iTunes billing for Netflix is currently only available by opening a new Netflix account through your Apple TV. If you choose to be billed through iTunes, the iTunes store will automatically bill you each month for your Netflix membership once your free trial ends. Memberships started through Apple TV function just like a regular Netflix account — you can stream on your computer or any other Netflix ready device.

iTunes Questions

How do I watch on devices other than my Apple TV?

If you want to use your Netflix account on other Netflix ready devices, you will first need to set a Netflix password. Go to to create a Netflix password and begin watching on other devices.

How do I check if I am being billed through iTunes?

Navigate to the Your Account page on the Netflix website and look for the Apple logo with the statement "Your Netflix membership is billed through iTunes" to verify your account is being billed through iTunes.

How do I update my iTunes billing information?

To learn how to update your iTunes method of payment or other iTunes account details, see Apple's support article at

Can I use an iTunes gift card to pay for Netflix?

You can use an iTunes gift card to pay for Netflix as long as the gift card is applied to the same iTunes account you used to sign up for Netflix.

How do I resolve a problem with iTunes billing?

If you are being billed through iTunes and have any questions regarding billing, contact Apple Care using Apple's Express Lane:

How do I stop being billed through iTunes and start being billed through Netflix?

You will need to use iTunes to cancel iTunes billing for your Netflix account, and restart your membership from the Your Account page on the Netflix website. For detailed instructions on using iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer to manage your subscription, see Apple's support article at

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