Black screen when connecting Mac to a projector

If you see a black screen instead of video on Netflix when you connect your Mac computer to a projector with a VGA cable, it's usually a problem with video output.

Use a projector with an HDMI connection

HDMI connections that support HDCP digital copy protection will enable playback of secure content to an external display or projector. If this doesn't work or if your devices don't support HDMI connections, try the steps below.

Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera browsers

You can download the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera for free from their websites.

Use a Windows computer

If you have access to a computer with Windows installed, you can try using it with your projector. Make sure to connect to your projector before you start Netflix.

Please review our system requirements if you don't know if your computer can stream from Netflix.

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