Beta testing the Netflix app on Android

If you're interested in testing updates to the Netflix mobile app for Android before they're released, you can join Netflix beta testing on the Google Play Store. The beta version of the Netflix app automatically logs errors, crashes, and other performance metrics.

To participate, you need:

  • An active Netflix subscription.

  • A Google Play Store account.

  • A Google Play certified, non-rooted Android phone or tablet running Android version 7 or later.

The beta program is limited and sometimes fills up.

TV shows and movies on beta

The beta app shows the same TV shows and movies that are available in your country.

In most cases, the beta app looks and works the same as the public version.

How to leave beta testing

To leave the beta program:

  1. Go to the Netflix testing page on the Play Store.

  2. Uninstall the beta version of the Netflix app from your device.

  3. Reinstall the public Netflix app from the Play Store.

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