Android App Beta Participation

If you are interested in testing updates to the Netflix mobile app for Android before we release them to all of our customers you can join the Netflix app beta on the Google Play Store. This helps us ensure the application is stable and working properly before a full release.

What do I need to participate?

In order to participate in the beta channel for the Netflix app for Android, you will need:

  • An active Netflix subscription

  • A Google Play Store account

  • A Google Play certified, non-rooted Android phone or tablet running Android version 5.0 or newer

How do I enroll in the beta channel?

Visit to enroll in the Netflix beta.

How do I leave the beta channel and return to the release version of the app?

Visit to leave the beta program. Then, uninstall the beta version of the Netflix app from your device and reinstall the public version from the Play Store.

How do I provide feedback about the beta app?

The app will automatically log errors, crashes, and other performance metrics. No need to provide feedback directly.

Why does the Play Store say the beta channel is full when I try to join?

The beta channel is limited in size, so if you are seeing this message it means we are at maximum capacity for the time being.

Will I get early access to features or shows?

In most cases the beta app will look and feel just like the current release version of the app with a majority of changes being under-the-hood.

The beta app will be able to view the same movies and shows that are currently available on the service in your country.