How to adjust Netflix animation effects on your TV

You can control the animation effects experienced while browsing Netflix on your TV for each profile on your account.

  1. In a web browser, go to your Netflix Account page.

  2. From the Profile & Parental Controls section, select a profile.

  3. Check Reduce animation effects when navigating on TV

    • To experience animation effects, uncheck the box.

    Animation effects are enabled by default and aren’t available on some TV devices.

You may need to reload or refresh your TV device to pick up the updated settings. 

To reload:

  1. Go to the Netflix home screen, then go left to open the menu.

  2. At the bottom, select Get Help > Reload Netflix.

To refresh:

  • Switch to another profile, then switch back.

  • Or, sign out of your device and sign back in.

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