Netflix says 'Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. (15002)'

If you see an error that says

Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (15002).

It typically points to information stored on your Android phone or tablet that needs to be refreshed. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

Check date and time settings

If the date or time settings don't match the current time and your location, it can cause Netflix to stop working.

  1. Open Android settings.

  2. Find Date & time.

  3. Make sure it's set to automatic or use network-provided time/time zone.

  4. Try Netflix again.

Turn your device off, then on

  1. Turn off your Android. Make sure it's powered off, not just locked.

  2. Turn it back on.

  3. Try Netflix again.

Check your device's Play Protect status

To check your device's Play Protect status:

  1. Open the Play Store app.

  2. From the upper right, tap your Profile icon.

  3. Tap Settings > About.

  4. Under Play Protect certification, your device will show its certification status.

If your device is certified, contact us.

If your device isn't certified:

  • Android version 8.0 or later: Try Google's support steps or contact your device manufacturer to ask for a Play Protect certified device.

  • Android version 4.4.2 through 7.1.2: Continue to the steps below.

    For help checking your device's Android version, use Android Help to find your device manufacturer's support site.

Install the app directly from Netflix

Devices that are on older versions of Android or aren't Play Protect certified can't get the Netflix app from the Play Store. You may be able to get a simplified version of the Netflix app on this page if you can't get it from the Play Store.

For devices on a modified version of Android, follow the Google support steps to fix issues with your Play Protect certification status.

To install the app directly from Netflix, your device must be on Android version 4.4.2 through 7.1.2. For steps to check your Android version, go to the Google support site.

Using the device you want to install Netflix on:

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap Security.

  3. Tap the box next to Unknown Sources: Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.

  4. Tap OK to confirm this change.

  5. Download the Netflix app.

  6. To find the download, swipe down from the top of your screen.

  7. Tap on the file, then tap Install.

  8. After the Netflix app is installed, you can change the setting back by following steps 1–3 again.

  9. Return to your home screen and open Netflix.

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