Lock icon on a profile or title

A lock icon appears on profiles that require a PIN to watch or on TV shows and movies that aren't available with your current plan. 

Lock on a profile

To restrict access to a specific profile on your account, you can protect it with a Profile Lock PIN. Profiles protected with a PIN will appear with a lock icon on the profile selection page and require a 4-digit PIN. 

Learn more about parental controls on Netflix and how to add or remove a profile PIN.

Lock on a TV show or movie

Some TV shows and movies aren't available to watch with the Basic with ads plan because of licensing restrictions. They appear with a lock icon when you search or browse Netflix. 

You may see a lock shown on titles: 

  • In the Top 10 TV Shows or Top 10 Movies rows

  • When you search for something to watch

  • On the title page after you select a TV show or movie

  • Saved to your profile’s My List

  • In the Continue Watching row

For access to the full catalog in your country, upgrade to another plan

TV shows and movies in Kids profiles may appear with a lock icon if the title is unavailable with the Basic with ads plan, but you will need to be in an Adult profile to change your plan.

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