How do I use my computer to watch Netflix on my TV?

Use this article to learn how you can connect your desktop or laptop computer to your TV in order to watch Netflix.

Connect using Chromecast or Chromecast Built-in (Formerly Google Cast)

If you have a Chromecast device connected to your TV or your TV has Chromecast built-in, you can use the Chrome browser on your computer to cast Netflix to your TV.

  1. On your computer, open the Chrome browser (version 72 or higher).

  2. Sign In to

  3. Select the More iconMore in the upper or lower right corner of the browser.

  4. Select the Cast netflix cast icon icon from the upper or lower right side of the screen.

  5. Select your computer from the list of available devices to cast Netflix to your TV.

  6. Select a TV show or movie to watch and press Play. You can control the playback from your computer.

Your computer and Chromecast must be using the same Wi-Fi network.

Connect using an external cable

You can use an external cable to connect a desktop or laptop computer to your TV in order to display your computer onto the TV. Cable connections vary based on the computer output and TV input requirements.

You'll need to identify the correct cable connections or adapters needed for your computer and TV configuration. If you don't know your connection types, refer to your computer or TV manuals, or contact the device manufacturer for more information.

  • Most newer TVs will use HDMI connections.

  • Most newer Apple computers will use a Type C (also known as USB-C) or a Thunderbolt connection.

  • Most newer PC computers will use a Display Port or HDMI connection.

When using compatible connections to watch Netflix, you may notice a difference in how streamed and downloaded titles display.

Autoplay is not supported with cable connections.

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