Maturity ratings for games on Netflix

Make informed gameplay choices for you and your family with maturity ratings for games on Netflix.

  • Maturity ratings are set by the International Age Ratings Coalition (IARC) and the Apple App Store. IARC also works with local standards organizations for country-specific ratings. 

  • Maturity ratings will be displayed based on the device and operating system, such as Android or iOS. 

  • Game ratings may vary by region and operating system.

In your country, Netflix uses the following game ratings:

Android phones & tablets


Generally suitable for all ages

E10+ (EVERYONE 10+)

Generally suitable for ages 10 and up


Generally suitable for ages 13 and up

M (MATURE 17+)

Generally suitable for ages 17 and up


Suitable for adults ages 18 and up

iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


Contains no objectionable material


May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 9


May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 12


May contain content unsuitable for children under the age of 17

You can find a game’s maturity rating:

  • On the game’s details page in the Netflix app.

  • On the game’s app store page in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

In addition to the rating, you’ll also find the content details that the game rating was based on (for example: fear, violence, language).

Setting up maturity ratings for a profile affects which games are available. To set a maturity rating level:

Android phone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad

  1. Open the Netflix app.

  2. In the lower right, tap My Netflix .

  3. In the upper right, tap the Menu .

  4. Tap Manage Profiles .

  5. Choose the profile you want to edit.

  6. Tap Viewing Restrictions .

  7. Tap Maturity Rating .

  8. Enter your Netflix account password.

  9. Set the maturity rating level you'd like.

Web browser

  1. Using a browser, go to your Account page.

  2. Select Profiles, then choose a profile. 

  3. Select Viewing restrictions.

  4. Enter your Netflix account password.

  5. Set the maturity rating level you'd like.

  6. Choose Save.

Here's how game maturity ratings line up with the available TV show or movie maturity rating settings set for a profile:

TV show or movie maturity rating

Android phones & tablets
game maturity rating

iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
game maturity rating










Profiles set up with maturity rating settings will only show games that meet or fall below the selected maturity rating level. For example, to prevent games of maturity level T or more showing for a profile, set the profile maturity rating to TV-PG / PG.

Games are not shown in profiles with the Netflix Kids experience.

For more information, see Parental Controls on Netflix.

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