Profile transfers

When starting a new account, new members can transfer a profile from an existing account to the new one, including recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, settings, and more. 

Turning profile transfers on or off

Transferring a profile to a new account

Information that will be transferred

When a new account is started with an existing profile, the following will be copied to the new account. With the exception of game saves, this will not remove the profile from the original account. You can think of this like copy & paste.

  • Recommendations

  • Viewing history (including ratings)

  • My List” titles

  • Saved games & game handle (NOTE: saved games and game handle will be removed from the original profile)

  • Settings (language and subtitle settings, autoplay settings, maturity rating viewing restrictions)

  • Miscellaneous items (profile name/icon, test participation selection)

Payment information

Payment information won't be transferred to the new account when transferring a profile. A payment method will have to be added by the person doing the transfer.

Third-party billing and Packages cannot be used to create an account with profile transfer.

Profiles that can be transferred

All profiles from active accounts can be used with this feature except PIN-protected profiles and Kids profiles.

Transferring a PIN-protected profile

A profile with a PIN must have that PIN removed before it can be transferred.

Deleting transferred profiles

With the exception of saved games, the profile being transferred will not be removed from the original account. You can always create, edit, and delete profiles in Manage profiles.

Copying a profile to an existing account

This feature cannot be used to transfer a profile to an existing account.

Duplicating a profile within an existing account

This feature cannot be used to duplicate a profile within an account.

Supported devices

Profile transfer must be done in a browser on a computer, phone or tablet.

‘My email address is being used on another Netflix account' error

If you’re seeing this message when trying to transfer a profile, please see this article for troubleshooting steps.

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