How do I watch TV shows or movies that are coming soon?

Netflix may announce TV shows and movies on Netflix that will be released in the coming weeks. Each title usually contains a brief summary of the TV show or movie, as well as an expected future release date. While you cannot watch upcoming releases until their release date, you can select to be reminded and have the title added to your My List when it becomes available. Once a title is released, the title will be available when searching Netflix. If you opted to be reminded, you'll receive a notification in the app and it will also appear in your My List.

Why isn't the title available on the date expected?

Occasionally, licensing contracts get delayed and cause a release date to change. When this happens, the title may no longer appear but will return once a new release date is announced. If you've previously added the title to your My List, it will still display on your My List once it is released.