How does the My List section of Netflix work?

My List lets you create a customized row of TV shows and movies you want to watch as you browse our catalog. Once you’ve added several titles to your My List, we’ll sort it for you, putting the titles you’re most likely to want to watch right up front. Each profile has its own list to ensure a personalized viewing experience. Read on for answers to some of our most common questions about My List.

Where can I find My List?

My List is available on the Netflix website and all Netflix ready devices. Some older devices may refer to My List as “Instant Queue,” but it functions exactly the same way. To find your My List, visit, or sign in to Netflix on your device and scroll to the My List row.

The kid-friendly section of Netflix does not display the My List feature, but you can switch back to the standard Netflix experience at any time to regain access.

Still having trouble finding My List? Visit My List is missing on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How do I add TV shows and movies to My List?

To add a title to your My List, follow the steps below.

  • On the website: Hover over a TV show or movie and select the + option, or select a TV show or movie and select + My List.

  • On your Netflix ready device: Select a TV show or movie, then select Add to My List or + My List.

  • If you have Instant Queue: Use the Netflix website to add titles.

My List will hold up to 500 titles. If you are having trouble adding titles to your My List, confirm you have not reached this limit.

How do I remove TV shows and movies from My List?

To remove a TV show or movie from My List, follow the steps below.

  • On the website: Select the checkmark icon when viewing the details of a TV show or movie.

  • On your Netflix ready device: Select a TV show or movie, then select Remove from My List.

  • If you have Instant Queue: Use the Netflix website to remove titles.

How can I view all of My List on one page?

You can see all of the My List titles you’ve added by visiting the My List section of the Netflix website.

On most newer Netflix ready devices, My List will show all of the TV shows and movies you've added to it.

How does Netflix determine the order of My List?

We order the TV shows and movies in your My List by what you’re most likely to watch. Here are a few reasons we might move titles to the front of My List:

  • You added the title to your My List recently.

  • A new season of a show in your My List recently became available.

  • Your friend recently watched a title in your My List. (Only used if your Netflix account is connected to Facebook).

  • A title in your My List will expire soon and no longer be available.

On the website, we will occasionally show you the reason we’ve moved a title to the front of your My List under the picture of the TV show or movie.

If you are in the US, you can also manually arrange the order of the TV shows and movies on My List from your Account page. To do so, navigate to your Account and select Order in My List, then select Manual Ordering.

I would prefer not to use My List. How can I get rid of it?

If you never use My List or rarely watch from this row, it will slowly drop lower on the screen when browsing our TV shows and movies. On newer devices, My List won't be displayed if nothing is added to it.

I don't see all of the titles on My List. What's going on?

If you are traveling:

While My List is a globally supported feature, My List will only display TV shows and movies that are available in the region you're currently located in. Everything you add to My List is saved, so when you return home or when the title becomes available in your current region, you will see it in your My List again.

If you are not traveling, and you are in the US:

If titles are missing from your My List, it may be caused by the US-only manual ordering feature. Follow the steps below to turn off manual ordering.

  1. Go to your Account page.

  2. From the My Profile section, select Order in My List.

  3. Select Netflix Suggests.

  4. Select Save.

  5. Navigate back to your My List page and try to find your titles again.