How to use 'My List'

You can create a watch list of TV shows and movies by adding them to My List. Some older devices refer to My List as Instant Queue.

To add to My List

  • Netflix website: Place the cursor on a title and select the "plus" icon.

  • Mobile device: Select a title, then Episodes & Info, then the "plus" icon.

  • TV: Select a title, then select Add to My List.

For Instant Queue, use the Netflix website.

To remove from My List

  • Netflix website: Go to My List and select a title, then select the checkmark.

  • Mobile device: Go to My List, select Details & More, then select the checkmark.

  • TV: Select a title, then select Remove from My List.

For Instant Queue, use the Netflix website.

To see your list

  • From the Netflix app menu or the navigation bar, select My List

  • On your homepage, scroll down to the My List row.

About My List

  • My List is automatically ordered to bring the most relevant titles to the front. Some considerations:

    • If you added the title to My List recently.

    • If a new season of a show in My List becomes available.

    • If a title will expire soon and no longer be available.

    Manual ordering is not available.
  • You can add up to 500 TV shows and movies on a profile.

  • Titles stay in My List until you delete them or if:

    • The title is no longer available on Netflix.

    • You travel to a region where a title isn't available. When you return, or if the title becomes available in your current region, it will appear in My List again.