Netflix says "HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled." on my Roku.

If you see an error that says,

HDCP Unauthorized. Content Disabled.

This message usually indicates an Internet connectivity problem. To resolve this issue, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Restart the device by powering it completely off for about 15 seconds, then power it back on and attempt to stream again. This will cause the existing network connection to the device to be refreshed once power is restored. If the previous step was unsuccessful, restarting the device is often enough to restore your ability to connect to our service.

    Be sure that the device is turned completely off, or even unplugged, if possible -- it's much more effective at refreshing the device's network connection than putting the device into standby or "sleep" mode.

  2. If you are still getting the error you'll want to contact the manufacturer of your device. Let them know what's happening and when it happens--they'll know best how to fix the issue.

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