Why isn’t a TV show or movie available in your country?

There are several reasons a TV show or movie may be available in one country or region but not another, including:

Regional popularity

We do our best to offer titles for a region that we think people there will enjoy. What’s popular with members in the United States may not be in the United Kingdom, even though they're both English-speaking countries.

Multiple rights owners or rights aren’t available

More than one studio or distributor may own the rights for a title. We may have the rights in Latin America for a movie before it will be available for the United States or Canada on Netflix.

Sometimes a TV show or movie isn't available in a particular region. We can't get the rights to a title for a region if no one is selling it or it’s exclusive to another streaming platform.

While we do own the worldwide rights for most Netflix originals, sometimes these titles aren’t available in a country or region for the following reasons:

  • The title was created before Netflix was available or able to acquire the exclusive rights. 

  • Other companies may have the rights to the title for a region.

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