Why isn’t an entire TV show or season on Netflix?

Sometimes Netflix releases episodes for TV shows on a staggered or rolling schedule instead of making all episodes available at once.

When episodes don’t launch all at once, it may be because:

  • The title is licensed and the episode will usually be available on Netflix the day or week after it was broadcast on its original network. The exact date an episode becomes available on Netflix can vary and will depend on the original broadcast schedule.

    Some weekly TV shows take weeks off. If the original broadcaster doesn’t air an episode, Netflix can’t release it. Once the show returns, we will resume our weekly release schedule.
  • Episodes are released a few at a time, usually over the span of a few weeks. This is more common with Netflix reality shows to build excitement and joy while you watch.    

  • A season has been split into two parts, with some episodes released in part one and the rest in part two later.

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