Relic Hunters: Rebels - Gameplay Questions

Stuck in the game somewhere? Wondering how something works? Have questions about in-game settings? Here are answers to common gameplay questions.

Possible spoilers below.

System and Settings

Customizing Controls
From the lower left corner tap Options > Control Mode, and choose between Static (for fixed controller layout) and Dynamic (controller that follows your touch on the screen). Tap Apply.

Adjusting FPS 
From the lower left corner tap Options > FPS Limit. Choose between 30 FPS, 60 FPS, and No Limit. Tap Apply when finished. A lower FPS (frames per second) setting may help the game run more smoothly on your device.

Changing Language 
The game language will match your Netflix profile language automatically. You can also choose the language inside the game. From the lower left corner tap Options > Language, choose a language, and tap Apply.

How to play

Controlling your Character
Touch and drag anywhere to move. In the lower right corner, tap the crosshairs to fire your equipped weapon. Enemies are targeted automatically.

Stage strengths and weaknesses
Tap on an Area Stage to learn about it before you play. Choose the Loadout that will work best for what's Strong or Weak in the area. The Weapon you choose may have an icon over it:

  • Green up arrow: the Weapon's elemental buff is strong in this area

  • Red down arrow: the Weapon is weaker in the area

  • No arrow: the Weapon is neutral, and will do normal damage

Patrols are special missions in each territory with unique and guaranteed rewards! New Patrols will be available every 12 hours. These missions unlock at Rebel Rank 4, and are a great way to get items you are looking for.

Daily / Main Quests 
From the main screen bottom right, tap the paper checklist icon to access your Daily or Main Quests. These quests are unlocked after completing Stage 7. Complete the Quests to earn rewards.

You start the game playing with Jimmy, the sharpshooter. The other Relic Hunters will be unlocked as you advance through the levels and unlock new areas.
You can level up each character by collecting materials to upgrade the Friendship level. Each character has a special type of material needed for their upgrade. Upgrade your friends to max friendship to increase their stats and reach their strongest form.

What to do if a Stage is too difficult
You can go back to Stages you've already finished to collect more loot and experience. This will help you level up and get stronger to beat the next area's enemies. Level up your Weapon by visiting Baru's Workshop, or craft a new Weapon with the right elemental damage so that it is stronger in the Stage you are playing.

Items and Currency

Main items

  • Bounty: This currency is represented as a Red Star. They can drop while playing through Stages or bought in the Market. You can see your total by looking in the upper right corner of your screen.

  • Runes: Runes are represented as the purple and yellow square. They can drop while playing through Stages, or earned as a reward in some Main Quests. You can see your total by looking in the upper right corner of your screen.

  • XP: XP, or Experience, is represented as yellow spheres when you defeat an enemy. You can earn XP when you Craft or Upgrade Weapons, complete areas, and play specific Main Quests.

Other items in the game can also be used to craft, or level up your Friendship.

Item Rarity
Some items are harder to get than others! You can tell the rarity of an item by looking at the background color when viewing it in the Stage details or Inventory.

  • Grey = common

  • Green = uncommon

  • Blue = Rare

  • Purple = Epic

From the main screen lower right corner, tap the Treasure Chest icon to access your Inventory. From this screen, you can see all items collected and how many of each you have.

There's no limit to ordinary items drops, but Blueprints and Friendship items will stop dropping once you craft your weapon or reach the maximum friendship with that Hunter.

From the main screen lower left corner, tap the money bag icon to access the Market. You can buy materials and Blueprints using Bounty and Runes! New items are available every 12 hours. The Market is unlocked after completing Forest Tribe Stage 6.


From the main menu bottom right corner, tap the weapon to open Baru's Workshop, From there you can Craft new Weapons and Upgrade them using items found while playing.

How to Craft Weapons
You'll need to find and use Blueprints. Each Weapon has different Blueprint requirements, and these can be found as loot drops during different Stages and game modes.

How to Upgrade Weapons
Each weapon uses different resources to upgrade the Weapon Rank. You can find which ones are needed by looking at Baru's Workshop.

Weapon Trait Points
You can use materials and Bounty to improve your weapon’s Trait Points. Each Weapon needs its own material.

Finding Crafting material
If you're looking for a specific material, refer to the Stage details. Playing the Stage will have a chance to drop the item you are looking for, but you may need to try more than once to get rarer items.

Want to know more about Relic Hunters: Rebels? Visit its Game Support page

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