Report ad issues or share feedback

If you notice an issue with the quality, sound, video, or language of an ad on Netflix, you can report it directly using our Report a Problem tool. Reporting a problem notifies our content teams to look into the issue and work on fixing it as quickly as possible.

Use the Report a Problem tool to report any of the following issues with an ad:

  • Problems with the audio or video quality, including volume level or aspect ratio 

  • Incorrect language 

  • Repetitiveness 

  • Placement while watching a TV show or movie 

  • Inappropriate content

How to report ad issues

You can report a problem with an ad while watching the ad on Netflix in a web browser.

  1. At the top of the screen, click the flag icon .

  2. Select what you're having trouble with:

    • Audio, Visual or Language Issues (The ad is hard to hear, view, or understand.)

    • Another Issue (Something else is wrong with the ad.)

  3. Select any issues that apply in the category chosen above.

  4. Enter additional details about the problem or add an issue you don't see in the comment box.

  5. Select Send.

If you come across an ad you don't think you should be seeing, you can also contact us so we can investigate further.

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