Verizon Package with Netflix

A Netflix membership can be added to any eligible Verizon package.

Once you've signed up, activate to link your new or existing Netflix account.

How do I activate Netflix?

Link via activation link

Once you've signed up for Netflix through Verizon +play, you will receive an email/SMS that contains an activation link.

  1. Click the link to be directed to

    • Note: Customers who signed up for multiple services through +play to receive the 12 month discount offer must first activate the other service before they are able to activate Netflix.

  2. Follow the prompts to link your existing Netflix account to your Verizon package, or create a new Netflix account and link to your Verizon package.

If you accidentally linked the wrong account, refer to "I accidentally linked the wrong Netflix account to my package" below.

If you previously paid through Apple and have linked your account to a partner package since October 25, 2021, you must also cancel your subscription through Apple. If you do not, you may continue to be charged by Apple.

How can I check if Netflix is included in or added to my package?

Please contact your provider to see if Netflix is included in or was added to your package.

I accidentally linked the wrong Netflix account to my package

Please contact customer service and provide the email address for the Netflix account that is incorrectly linked so that we can help you link the correct Netflix account to your package.

What will happen to my Netflix account if I cancel my package or service?

If you cancel your Netflix package add-on, or you cancel your partner service completely, your account will be cancelled at the end of your prepaid period. If you have a credit balance, it will be consumed before your account is cancelled.

How do I change my Netflix plan?

The option to change your Netflix plan depends on your package.

  • Go to to check if you are eligible, then choose an available plan. 

    • You can change to any Netflix plan offered by your provider (contact provider for available plans).

    • Plan changes take effect immediately.

    • The new plan price (determined by your provider) will apply to your next bill.

  • If you don't see the option to change your plan, contact your provider to check eligibility.

You must wait 12 hours after changing your plan to make additional plan changes. Plan change eligibility is determined by your provider.

What happens to my Netflix gift card or promotional balance when I link my account to this package?

Once you link your account to this package, your gift balance will be held on your Netflix account for future use. If you decide to cancel your package, we will continue to bill your gift card or promotional balance.

Why am I still being charged on my previous payment method?

If you have Netflix as part of a package, you must link your existing Netflix account to stop being charged on your previous payment method.

  • If you haven’t linked your account, follow the steps above under “How do I activate Netflix?”.

  • If you linked your account, you may have linked to a different Netflix account or mistyped your email and accidentally created a duplicate account. To resolve this, follow the steps under “I accidentally linked the wrong Netflix account to my package”.

As of October 25, 2021, if you previously paid through Apple and have linked your account to a package with Netflix, you must cancel your Netflix subscription through Apple to avoid future charges from Apple.

I'm having trouble signing in to Netflix

If you don’t remember your Netflix login information, go to

If you see the message “No account found for this email address,” it's possible that you accidentally mistyped your email while linking your account. To resolve this, try the following:

  • If you are signed in to Netflix on a mobile or web browser:

    1. Go to your Account.

    2. Your Netflix account email is displayed under Membership & Billing.

      • From here you can Change account email, if necessary.

  • If you still can't sign in:

    1. Sign in to your Verizon account (make sure you are signed out of Netflix).

      If you do not know your Verizon login, please contact Verizon for assistance.
    2. Select Manage Subscription > Manage Preferences > Recover my Netflix Account.

    3. You will be directed to a sign-in page with your email address pre-populated. You can sign in to your Netflix account from this page, and update your email address if necessary.

Why was my Netflix account canceled?

Your Netflix account may be canceled if:

  • you cancel or pause

    • a package that is linked to a Netflix account

    • a Netflix subscription that was added to your package

  • we did not receive payment from your service provider

If you did not request a cancellation and your service provider account is in good standing, try re-linking your Netflix account using the steps in "How do I activate my package with Netflix?". If those steps do not work, please contact your service provider to check your account status.

How do I cancel Netflix?

Please contact Verizon customer support to cancel your Verizon package or your Netflix subscription.

See "What happens to my Netflix account if I cancel my package?" for more information.

How do I contact Verizon customer support?

You can contact Verizon customer support at Be sure to tell the Verizon agent that you have Netflix through +play.

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