Vineyard Valley - Gameplay Questions

Stuck in the game somewhere? Wondering how something works? Have questions about in-game settings? Here are answers to common gameplay questions.

Possible spoilers below.

System and Settings

How to find your Player ID
In the upper right corner, tap Settings . Your Player ID will appear at the bottom of the menu. It also appears when launching the game in the bottom left corner.

How to force-quit the app

Android phone or tablet:

  1. Tap the square icon next to the Home button.

  2. Swipe up on the Vineyard Valley app preview to close it.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause to show currently open apps.

    • For devices with a Home button, press twice quickly.

  2. Swipe left or right until you see the Vineyard Valley app.

  3. Swipe up on the Vineyard Valley app preview to close it.

How to turn game notifications on or off

  1. In the upper right corner, tap Settings .

  2. Tap Notifications to turn on or off.

    If you're still receiving notifications after turning them off in the game, follow the steps in How to turn game notifications on or off from your device settings.

What "Assets Downloading" or "Data Downloading" messages mean
If you see one of these messages make sure you're connected to a strong, stable internet connection to download the files needed to continue playing the next task. It's recommended to keep the game active until the message disappears so the files completely download on your device. Make sure you're not downloading other files in the background (like other app updates), which can slow down your connection.

Black screen when viewing the map
This usually happens when files haven't been downloaded completely and the game needs more time to load the map. It can also happen if you recently cleared your cache, reinstalled the app, or switched from offline mode. If this issue continues, keep the game active for at least 10 minutes so the files completely download on your device.

How to play

Getting Started

  • Before you begin playing a level, the goals will be shown on the left side of your screen. Complete all the goals to beat the level.

  • You can select boosters before tapping play. These will appear on a random block in the beginning of the level.

  • Once you start a level, match two or more blocks of the same color to clear them.

  • Clearing blocks next to obstacles will have a different effect depending on the obstacle.

  • You have a limited number of moves for each level. Make sure you don't run out of moves!

  • Combine multiple blocks of the same color to create power-ups. Combine one or more boosts to create a super-powerful effect.

  • With every level you win, you'll earn stars used to renovate the Tangled Vines and complete chapters to progress through the story.

Stars are used to complete tasks when progressing through story chapters and renovating decorations through the Tangled Vines. Stars are earned by completing numbered levels.

If you've reached the final level in the game, you'll see Bonus levels. Bonus levels provide coins instead of stars since you've reached the end of currently available content.

Tapping on large groups of blocks can create useful power-ups to use on the game board. Here are some examples:

  • Bottle Rockets: Tap 5 or more pieces in a group to create a Bottle Rocket. Depending on which way it faces, when used it'll take out an entire row or column of blocks.

    The direction the Bottle Rocket faces is completely random.
  • Barrel Bombs: Tap on 7 or more pieces in a group to create a Barrel Bomb. Tapping on a Barrel Bomb will clear it, and the surrounding blocks, in a bubbly blast.

  • Rainbow Tokens: Tap on 9 or more adjacent pieces in a group to create a Rainbow Token. When used, these destroy all blocks of the same color! Combining two Rainbow Tokens will clear the entire board.

  • Switching Bottle Rockets: Like normal Bottle Rockets, with one exception—every time you make a move, no matter what the move is, the Bottle Rockets will change the direction they're facing.

Power-ups that are next to each other can be combined for incredible results. Tap on various combinations of power-ups to see what you can create!


  • In-game boosters
    Use these to gain advantages during a level:

    • Spoons will break any single piece on the board. Go ahead, give it a whack!

    • Spatulas will cut away an entire column off the board for you.

    • Pizza Cutters can slice up a whole row from the board.

    • Whisks can be used to shuffle the positions of the pieces on the board.

  • Pre-game boosters
    Use these before starting a level to populate the board with power-ups when you start:

    • Bottle Rockets

    • Barrel Bombs

    • Rainbow Token

  • Timed boosters
    Be on the lookout for awards earned by completing chapters and other tasks, which provide unlimited boosters for a limited time.

Collect additional boosters in a few ways:

  • Reward for completing chapters and other tasks

  • Special offers in the store

  • While playing a level, purchase additional boosters with coins by tapping on it

Coins are the main currency in Vineyard Valley. Use them to buy new decorations, boosters, or add more moves if you're unable to complete a level. Earn coins by successfully completing levels and as rewards during events.

Prestige is a system for measuring your progress while renovating the Tangled Vines, giving you the chance to earn unique rewards. Earn prestige points by purchasing decorations, completing challenges, and more. Fill your prestige meter with prestige points to level up and earn a reward. Achieving higher levels will also increase your prestige tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.). The higher the tier, the better the reward, like power-ups.

Unlocking new areas to decorate the Tangled Vines
You'll need to progress through each chapter and complete tasks using stars to unlock new areas to decorate the Tangled Vines. A new area will unlock for each chapter completed. Stay tuned for more areas to decorate as new chapters are regularly released!

How to edit decorations

  1. Find the decoration you'd like to edit.

  2. Tap and hold the decoration until the green circle completes.

  3. Select from the three to four designs available.

  4. Once a selection is made, tap the green check mark in the bottom right corner to save the change.

Decoration Catalog
Furnish the Tangled Vines with new items available from the Decoration Catalog.

To visit the Decoration Catalog:

  1. In the bottom left corner, tap the sofa.

  2. Make selections to purchase items in the following categories:

    • Bedroom / Balcony

    • Hallway / Bathroom

    • Guest Bedroom

    • Outdoors

    • Living Room

Each item costs a certain amount of blue or purple tokens. Tokens are earned by completing levels on the first try. After unlocking all available decorations, you can continue to earn token. Stayed tuned for more decorations as they're released!

How to change your name

  1. In the upper right corner, tap Settings .

  2. Tap on Change Name.

  3. Change your name and tap the green check mark to save.

What a "Coming Soon" message means
If you see "Coming Soon" after completing a chapter task, congratulations! You've completed the last chapter currently available in the game.

Stay tuned for more chapters as they're regularly released. In the meantime, you can continue playing Bonus levels, earn coins, and compete in events.

Availability of new chapters and levels
We're constantly working on new content for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for new chapters and levels released on a regular basis.

How to replay chapters or levels
You can't currently replay a level or chapter.

How to restart the game
There isn't currently an option to reset your game data or start from the very beginning. If you'd like to restart from level 1, you can select a different profile on your Netflix account to play the game.


As you progress through the game, you'll encounter many different obstacles. Pieces will be blocked or you'll need to collect items to complete each level.

Tap pieces next to Cups or use boosters to clear them from the board. Some Cups require you to tap certain colors in order to be cleared.

Ice Sculptures
Clear a path underneath Ice Sculptures by eliminating pieces or using boosters. Once they reach the bottom of the board, they're collected and counted towards the level's objective.

Tap on pieces that are inside of Bubbles to pop them! Using boosters will also eliminate Bubble pieces.

Tap pieces next to Boxes to clear them from the board. Some Boxes are taped up tightly and will need more than one tap to be cleared. Keep an eye out for Boxes that require you to tap certain colors in order to clear them.

Grape Baskets
Tap on pieces next to Grape Baskets to collect Grapes to reach your goal. You can also use boosters directly on the Grape Baskets to collect Grapes.

Chocolate Strawberries
Tap on pieces next to Strawberries dip them in chocolate. Tap pieces a second time to clear them from the board.

Tap on pieces next to Marmalade or use boosters to clear from the board. You'll want to be quick, Marmalade will start to spread if left alone!

Use power-ups like Barrel Bombs and Bottle Rockets to break the Stones.

Tap pieces next to Cages or use boosters to break them and release the pieces trapped inside.

Cupcake Stands
Tap pieces next to Cupcake Stands to remove a Cupcake. Once all of the Cupcakes are gone, the stand will be cleared.

Stone Blocks
Hit the Stone Blocks three times with Bottle Rockets or Barrel Bombs to remove them from the board. Boosters can also break a Stone Block.

Colored Cupcake Stands
Make a match of the same color as the Colored Cupcake on the stand to remove them. For example, match red pieces to remove the red Cupcake, blue pieces to remove the blue Cupcake. Barrel Bombs, Bottle Rockets, Spatulas, Pizza Cutters, and Spoons will also remove one Colored Cupcake from the stand.

Gift Boxes
Make multiple matches next to a Gift Box to unwrap it and find a surprise power-up inside!

Armored Pieces
Destroy Armored Pieces by matching them with normal pieces, or other Armored Pieces of the same color. Spatulas, Pizza Cutters, and Spoons can also destroy Armored Pieces. Armored Pieces are strong and can't be destroyed by Bottle Rockets, Barrel Bombs or Rainbow Tokens.

When pieces and obstacles drop through Portals, they'll appear in a new column. Be sure to clear them quickly!

Locks and Keys
Drop a Key to the bottom of the board to remove the Locks with a matching symbol.

Colored Candles
Light up Colored Candles by making a match with pieces that are the same color next to them. You can also use boosters to light up the Colored Candles. Clear all Colored Candles to completely remove them from the board.

Wild Card blocks
The glowing blocks change color every turn.

Vines lock pieces until you break the pot in the center using power-ups like Bottle Rockets or Barrel Bombs.

Soap Bottles
Tap pieces next to Soap Bottles to create Bubbles! You can also use boosters directly on the Soap Bottles to add more Bubbles.

A Mixer will clear a whole row. Charge it by collecting pieces of the same color.

Tap pieces next to a Cupboard to randomly add a Cup to the board.

Tap pieces next to blocks covered in Ice to chip it away. Use a Bottle Rocket, Barrel Bomb, or Rainbow Token to clear it all at once!

Cuckoo Clocks
Tap pieces next to Cuckoo Clocks to build them. Once a blue roof appears above a Cuckoo Clock, it's reached its final state. Tap pieces next to the finished Cuckoo Clocks to activate them, clearing other nearby pieces.

Tap pieces next to Ivy to clear it from the board. Pieces hidden by Ivy can't be tapped until the Ivy is cleared. Ivy with flowers will need to be cleared multiple times.

Seeds and Flower Pots
Drop Seeds into Flower Pots to grow flowers on the board. To drop Seeds, eliminate all blocks between it and a Flower Pot. Once a pack of Seeds and a Flower Pot are next to each other, colored flowers will appear on the board.

Thorn Vines
Thorn Vines can't be cleared by matching normal pieces, use power-ups or boosters to remove them from the board. Once Thorn Vines are cleared, the pieces hidden by them can be tapped.

Paint Buckets
Tap matching pieces next to a Paint Bucket to activate it, which will paint all diagonal pieces the same color. For example, if a purple Paint Bucket is activated, all four diagonal pieces near it will change to purple.

Brick Walls
Use a power-up, such as a Barrel Bomb or Bottle Rocket, to break Brick Walls down. Once a Brick Wall has a crack, tap matching pieces next to it to fully clear it from the board.


Golden Grapes Event
Earn prizes while competing against other players. In this event, you'll need to win levels to earn Golden Grapes. The more Golden Grapes you collect by completing levels, the more prizes you'll earn! Be careful, you'll lose your Golden Grapes if you quit a level or run out of moves. If you've reached the final level currently available, you can continue to earn Golden Grapes when playing bonus levels.

You can also compete in a leaderboard against other players, where you'll receive prizes for earning the most Golden Grapes.

How to see the Golden Grapes leaderboard
To make sure you and other players can see each others' current Golden Grapes score, the leaderboard requires a stable internet connection. Once you've connected to a stable internet connection, the leaderboard will automatically update with the latest Golden Grapes amounts and player ranks.

Dish It Up Event
Fill the cat's dish to earn awesome prizes. In this event, you'll need to collect pieces with the cat symbol when completing levels. The more pieces you collect to help the cat, the more prizes you'll win! Remember, pieces you collect will only count if you complete the level. If you've reached the final level, collecting pieces from bonus levels will also count towards event progress.

Chop to the Top Event
Help Bruce chop his way to the top! To participate in this event, you'll need to complete a certain amount of levels to earn trophies. The more levels and trophies won, the more prizes that'll be awarded. In the upper right corner, tap the trophy icon to see your event progress. If you've reached the final level, completing bonus levels will also count towards Chop to the Top event progress.

Snack Attack Event
Help Kai build his sandwich! In this event, consecutively winning a certain amount of levels in a row will earn you power-ups. The more levels you win, the more power-ups you'll gain. Any level, including bonus levels, will count towards event progress. Awarded power-ups will be applied at the start of the next level. Losing a level or quitting in the middle of a level will reset all progress on the current streak back to 0.

  • Streak 1 (win 1 level): 1 Bottle Rocket will be awarded at the start of a new level.

  • Streak 2 (win 2 levels in a row): 1 Bottle Rocket and 1 Barrel Bomb will be awarded.

  • Streak 3 (win 3 levels in a row): 1 Bottle Rocket, 1 Barrel Bomb, and 1 Rainbow Token will be awarded.

Win on First Try Event
Spin the wheel to win the jackpot! During this event, you'll need to complete "hard" levels on the first try without losing or quitting. After winning, you'll spin the wheel to earn fun prizes at random. Keep spinning for a chance to earn the jackpot prizes.

New levels and chapters
New chapters are planned to release on a rolling basis beginning May 23, 2023. Additional chapters and levels should be available every two weeks.

Want to know more about Vineyard Valley? Visit the Game Support page.

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