Netflix says 'Update required'

If you get one of these messages when going to

Update Required
Please make some updates

It means your browser, operating system, or device needs to be updated or that Netflix doesn't support it.

To fix the problem, follow the steps below. If you still can't access Netflix or need to make changes to your account, contact us for help.

Update your web browser

Use the links below to get steps to update your browser:

Netflix doesn't support other browsers, but installing updates for them may still work. If updating doesn't work, you'll need to get a supported browser to use the Netflix website.

If no browser updates are available or updating doesn't fix the problem, follow the next steps to update your device.

Update your device

Select an option below to get steps to update your mobile device or computer's operating system.



Use the links below to get steps to check for updates to your version of Windows, then try Netflix again.

Computers using Windows XP or Vista aren't able to update to a version Netflix supports. We recommend using a computer with Windows 10 or later installed.


Follow Apple's steps to install updates and upgrades for macOS, then try Netflix again. 


Follow Google's steps to update your Chromebook's operating system, then try Netflix again.


Because the steps to update a Linux device can be unique for each Linux distribution, Netflix Customer Service isn't able to assist with following the steps for your device.

Mobile phones and tablets

Android phone or tablet

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap System > System update.

  3. Check for and install available updates.

  4. Try Netflix again.

iPhone or iPad

Follow Apple's steps to update your device to the latest version, then try Netflix again.

If you installed updates for your mobile device or computer, your web browser might now be able to update to a more recent version. You may need to follow the steps to update your browser again to fix the problem.

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