Netflix Billing through iTunes

Netflix billing through iTunes is no longer available for new or rejoining members.

If you are currently billed through iTunes, you can remain on iTunes until you update your payment method or cancel your account.

iTunes subscriptions renew automatically, and you may be charged up to 24 hours before each subscription period starts.

How can I pay for Netflix through iTunes?

iTunes billing for Netflix is not available to new or rejoining Netflix customers.

If you are attempting to create an account on an iOS mobile device, you can sign up on on a mobile browser and use a different payment method.

How do I check if Netflix is billed through iTunes?

To check if you are billed through iTunes, visit the Membership and Billing section of your Netflix Account page.

You can also check with iTunes to see if Netflix is a part of your iTunes subscription package. If you can't remember the Apple ID or iTunes account associated with your Netflix membership, please visit Having trouble signing in?

How do I update my iTunes billing information?

How do I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method on your Account page. However, you cannot switch from iTunes to a Netflix gift card at this time.

Your membership could renew with iTunes if you change your payment method within 24 hours of your renewal date.

Please note, if you change your Netflix plan through iTunes after changing your payment method, you will automatically revert to iTunes billing.

I updated my payment method, do I need to cancel with iTunes?

No, you do not need to cancel your account through iTunes. After you update your payment method on your Account page, you will no longer see charges from iTunes.

How do I change my Netflix plan?

Follow these steps to change your Netflix plan through iTunes.

Upgrading your plan will take effect immediately; you will be charged the full amount for the new plan at the time of upgrade and your billing date will be changed. You will also immediately receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of your previous plan. If you upgrade your plan during your free trial, this will cause the free trial to end prematurely. Downgrading a plan will take effect on the next billing date.

Can I redeem a promotional offer for Netflix if I pay through iTunes?

Promotional offers can't be used on an account that is billed through iTunes. Your Netflix promotion can be redeemed by first canceling your Netflix billing through iTunes, then redeeming your promotion once your current billing period has ended.

Can I redeem a Netflix gift card if I pay through iTunes?

No, you currently cannot redeem a Netflix gift card on an account that is being billed through iTunes. If you would like to use the Netflix gift card, you will need to cancel your Netflix account and restart it using the gift card. Please note that you will need to wait until your account closes before you can restart it with a gift card.

Where can I find my iTunes billing date?

To confirm your renewal date, which is the date on which iTunes will bill you for service, visit View, change, or cancel your subscriptions on Apple's support site.

How do I cancel Netflix?

You can cancel Netflix at any time during your membership.

Per Apple's cancellation policy, your membership might renew if you don't cancel your subscription more than 24 hours before your renewal date.

How do I contact iTunes customer support?

You can contact Apple for iTunes support at