Netflix says 'Can't Connect to Netflix.'

If you get the error message:

Can't Connect to Netflix

It means information on your device needs to be refreshed. Follow the steps to fix the problem.

Android phone or tablet

Clear the Netflix app data

Clearing the Netflix app data will remove any TV shows and movies downloaded on your device and sign you out of your account.
  1. Tap and hold the Netflix app icon, then tap App info.

  2. Tap Storage & cache > Clear storage > OK.

  3. Try Netflix again.

The steps to clear an app's data might be different for your device. To get steps for your device, check the manual that came with it or get help from the manufacturer.

Sign out of Netflix

  1. From the Netflix app, tap More more icon or your Profile icon profile icon.

  2. Scroll down and tap Sign Out.

  3. Tap Sign Out again to confirm.

  4. Once you have signed out, sign back in and try Netflix again.

Go to on a web browser

  1. Using a different computer or mobile device, connect to the same Wi-Fi or network as the device having the issue.

  2. Open a web browser, then go to and sign in to your Netflix account.

    • If you get the error NSEZ-403, it means we can't connect your account to the Netflix service right now. Please try again later.

    • If you don't get an error in your browser while doing this step, there may be a different issue. Contact us for more help.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Sign out of Netflix
  1. From the upper right, tap Profiles profiles.

    • If you don't see Profiles, tap More in the lower right.

  2. Tap Sign Out.

  3. Tap Yes to confirm.

  4. Sign back in and try Netflix again.

All other devices

We're looking into this problem. To help us investigate, contact us.

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