How Netflix streams videos

How Netflix streams videos

Netflix sends movies and TV shows to your screen using the internet, but we need help. Our content goes through many points before it reaches you, like servers, the internet, and your internet provider's network.

When you hit play

It starts when you press ‘Play’

When you press play, Netflix sends the video to your internet provider using the fastest way possible. Think of it like driving on a road. When Netflix sends a video, we try to avoid traffic, accidents, and construction along the way to get the video to you quickly. Shorter paths make your video quality better.

Help from your ISP

We can’t do it without help

After Netflix sends the video to your internet provider, it goes through their network to get to your home. If their network is too slow or has issues, it can affect your video quality or cause issues with your Netflix experience.

If the road is clear, your internet provider will send the video directly to your screen. The video quality you get can be also affected by how strong your home internet connection is, and how many devices in your home are using the internet at the same time.

Netflix can help

Help when you need it

Congestion on any part of the connection between Netflix and your screen can affect your video streaming quality and can even cause streaming problems.

If your issue isn't listed, search our Help Center for the problem you're having.

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