How to stop certain uses of your personal information

This article is designed to help you understand your options to stop certain uses of your information.

Emails and text messages (SMS)

  • Emails: To control what emails are sent to each profile on your account, see How to manage email from Netflix.

  • Text messages (SMS): If you opt out of alerts, special offers and survey messaging, you will still receive a text message from us if you request a password reset by text message. If you no longer want to receive any text messages from us, you may remove your phone number from your account as follows:

    1. From a web browser, go to your Account page.

    2. Go to the Change phone number link under Membership & Billing.

    3. Select delete phone number.

Push notifications

You can choose to receive mobile push notifications from Netflix. If you later decide you no longer want to receive these notifications, you can use your mobile device’s settings to turn them off.

Cookies and advertising identifiers

We provide a cookie choice tool that explains what cookies are in use on our website, and that lets you opt out of advertising cookies. It is also accessible through the Cookies and Internet Advertising section of our Privacy Statement.

If you use the Netflix mobile app, we may collect an advertising identifier from your device. To opt out of interest-based ads from Netflix in connection with an advertising identifier on a mobile device, please configure the appropriate setting on your device (usually found under "privacy" or "ads" in your device's settings). You may still see Netflix ads on your device, but they will not be tailored to your likely interests.

Matched Identifier Communications

Some third-party sites and apps allow us to reach our users with online promotions about our titles and services by sending a privacy protective identifier to the third party. A privacy protective identifier means we convert the original information (such as an email address or phone number) into a value to keep the original information from being revealed. The third party compares the privacy protective identifier to identifiers in its database and there will be a match only if you have used the same identifier (such as an email address) with Netflix and the third party. If there is a match, Netflix can then choose whether or not to send a given promotional communication to you on that third party site or app. You can opt out in the Marketing Communications section of the Account section of our website.

See our Privacy and Security help page for information on more topics.

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