Deletion, removal and retention of information

Refer to the appropriate section below for instructions on how to remove information associated with your account.

Account deletion

Phone number

If you no longer wish to receive any text messages from us (including for password reset purposes), you may remove your phone number as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Account from a web or mobile browser.

  2. Select Change phone number from the Membership & Billing section.

Select the Delete phone number button.

Email address

An email address is required on your Netflix account so that we may communicate with you regarding your membership.

If your email address is associated with a Netflix account that you did not create and you wish to have your email address removed from the account, please contact for assistance.

To delete the email address associated with a secondary profile on a Netflix account, please refer to How to create, edit or delete profiles.

Date of birth

If you signed up for an ad supported subscription plan, you can request the deletion of the date of birth you provided when you signed up to that plan. To do so please contact for assistance. This doesn’t apply if you never signed up for an ad supported subscription plan.

Retention of Information

We retain information following account deletion for lawful reasons, including for fraud prevention, accounting purposes, and enforcing our Terms of Use. This includes a device identifier, an email address associated with the account, and an encrypted and hashed version of your payment details. “Hashing” means that we can “match” your payment method (or email) if it is reintroduced to our systems - but we cannot use the information to contact you or charge your payment method.

If you have removed a payment method, but have not deleted your account, we retain an encrypted and hashed version of the payment details for the reasons stated above.

See our Privacy and Security help page for information on more topics.

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