How to manage email from Netflix

You can choose the types of email you get from Netflix for each adult profile.

  1. Using a browser, sign in to the profile you want to update notification settings for.

  2. Go to the Account page.

  3. In the Profile & Parental Controls section, select your profile.

    • For some accounts, select Profiles, then choose your profile. 

  4. Select Notification settings.

  5. Select Manage Emails.

  6. Opt in or out by toggling the following categories for each profile with an email address:

    • What you watch: New seasons & episodes, Leaving Soon, Your Collections  

    • Watch recommendations & more: Top 10, New arrivals, now on Netflix  

    • Surveys & research invites: Participation studies, surveys   

    • Netflix Games: Releases, recommendations, gameplay activity

    • Netflix.Shop & experiences: Netflix.Shop products, Netflix live experiences  

    • Using the Netflix app: Suggested features, tips & tricks, parental controls  

    • Membership offers: Plan upgrades, subscription promotions

    • Kids Activity Report (only available with an active Kids profile): A report on viewing activity and themes for your Kids profiles

You can also Unsubscribe from All or opt out by following the instructions.

You can't unsubscribe from messages related to your account updates (for example, security alerts, billing, or time-sensitive notifications).

See our Privacy and Security help page for information on more topics.

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