How to share accessibility-related feedback

At Netflix, our teams are dedicated to the accessibility of our service. We work with disability community groups and regularly solicit feedback from members on where we can be better.

If you need help with your Netflix account or assistance troubleshooting an issue, including questions about device support, audio description, or subtitle and caption features, contact us

For feedback on our accessibility features or efforts, use our dedicated accessibility feedback form

If you have comments or questions related to closed captioning quality or functionality on the Netflix service, please send us your feedback directly.

Please note:

  • Complaints regarding captioning issues (e.g., changing color or size, typos, out of sync) must be submitted by email. Email with your complaint or question.

  • Include the title of the TV show or movie, the season and episode the issue occurs in (if applicable), a brief description of the issue, and an approximate time within the title that the issue occurs.

  • This inbox is monitored Monday through Friday during normal business hours, excluding major holidays.

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