How to create and manage Netflix game handles

Choose a unique name to use while playing Netflix games.

  • Game handles appear in some games with features like leaderboards.

  • The handle you choose will be used for all Netflix games that support them.

  • Each Netflix profile can have one game handle.

    Game handles can’t be used for Kids profiles because you can’t play games with the Kids experience.
  • You can’t use a handle that another player has chosen.

  • For some games, you’ll have to create a handle before you can play the game.

Creating or changing your game handle

Participating games

 If a game requires a handle, you’ll need to create one for your profile before you can play.

Some games allow you to create a handle, but don’t use the feature in the game at this time.

  1. Open the game on your mobile device.

  2. Select the profile you want to create a handle for.

  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap your profile icon.

  4. Tap Create Game Handle or Manage Game Handle .

  5. Enter a unique handle, and tap Save.

Android phones and tablets

  1. Open the Netflix app on your Android mobile device.

  2. Select the profile you want to create a handle for.

  3. Tap the Games tab at the bottom of your screen.

  4. Look for the Create your Netflix game handle banner and tap Get Started. If you've already created a handle, you can change it by tapping the edit icon next to your handle name in the Games tab.

  5. Enter a unique handle, and tap Save.

iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Netflix app.

  2. In the lower right, tap My Netflix .

  3. In the upper right, tap the Menu .

  4. Tap Manage Profiles .

  5. Select the profile you want to edit.

  6. Tap Game handle .

  7. Enter a unique handle, and tap Save. Manage or update an existing handle by entering a new unique name, and tapping Save

Web browser

  1. Using a browser, go to Manage Profiles.

  2. Select the profile you want to create a handle for.

  3. In the Game Handle section, enter the unique name you want to use. Manage or update an existing handle by entering a new unique name.

  4. Once you’re done, select Save at the bottom of your window.

Handle creation tips

Handles must:

  • Be 3-16 characters in length.

  • Not use emojis, punctuation, or special characters.

  • Not use more than one script or language.

Error message while creating handles

  • Handle not available: The handle you’re trying to create is already being used by someone else. To fix this, choose a different handle, or try to add something to the handle to make it unique.

    • Example: If you’re trying to use "CoolCat" and see this error, you can try alternatives like "CoolCat1," "CoolCat2," "CoolestCat," "CoolerCat," etc.

      Handles aren't case sensitive, so "CoolCat" is the same as "coolcat" or "COOLCAT" when choosing a handle.
  • Must be 16 characters or less: Handles have a 16-character limit. Try a shorter handle.

  • Must be longer than 2 characters: Handles must be more than 2 characters. Try something longer.

  • Handle not allowed: This appears when a handle doesn’t meet our Community Guidelines. Please try a different handle to continue.

Questions about handles

My handle was changed and I didn’t change it

Netflix will change handles that don't meet our community guidelines and will send an email to the address on the account if we do.

If you or someone else that uses your account didn't change it and you didn't receive an email from Netflix, follow the steps to stop someone from using your account.

I received an email saying my handle was changed to better fit the community guidelines

At Netflix, we want everyone to feel safe and welcome when playing our games. To make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience, we sometimes change handles to meet our Netflix Games Community Guidelines. You can change your handle at any time by following the steps above.

I want to report an inappropriate handle

If you find that a handle does not follow the community guidelines and you’d like to report it, please contact us and let us know what the handle is.

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