Asphalt Xtreme - Gameplay Questions

Stuck in the game somewhere? Wondering how something works? Have questions about in-game settings? Here are answers to common gameplay questions.

Possible spoilers below.

System and Settings

Customizing Controls
From the main menu, tap the Options > Controls and choose between the different control options. During a race, in the upper left corner tap pause> Options > Controls

Changing Language or Country
The game language will match your Netflix profile language automatically. You can also choose the language inside the game. Tap Options > Language And Country and choose a language and country. 

Changing the Country is permanent. You won't be able to change it again. 

Adjusting Music, Sound Effects, and Engine volume
Tap Options > Sound & Display. Use the sliders to adjust the volume levels.

Changing the Speed Unit
Tap Options > Sound & Display. In the lower part of the screen, you'll find the Speed Unit settings.

Connecting a controller
Connect a wireless controller via Bluetooth to control your vehicle. Once connected, you can use either on-screen controls or the controller.

Game Modes

Race to earn Stars, Credits, Crowns, and Cards. Play events categorized by season to advance in this mode. Some events require that you own a specific vehicle or have a specific vehicle Rank, so you’ll need to upgrade your vehicles first. 

  • Classic - Finish first, race using a specific Archetype, or complete challenge. You must finish first in order to earn the Stars from the other two achievements.

  • Elimination - The racer in last place will have a timer put on them, and when the timer reaches zero they are eliminated. The timer resets each time a racer is eliminated. Be the last one standing and you'll be awarded with 1 Star. Complete the race's two other challenges to get the 2nd and 3rd Stars.

  • Knockdown - Race against one rival and many other vehicles. Your goal is to knock down more vehicles than your rival, either in a set amount of time or from a set amount of vehicles.

  • Infected - The racer in last place becomes infected at the start of the race. Infected racers get unlimited nitro, but this state lasts only a few seconds. To gain more time, they'll have to perform actions such as drifting and stunts, and spread their infection to other racers by touching them. First one to cross the finish line wins.

  • Versus - Race against a single opponent and avoid incoming traffic. The goal is to finish the race first.

Master the vehicles you have unlocked by completing special challenges which can grant special rewards, such as exclusive Decals. Vehicle Masteries for each vehicle will be unlocked when you build them with Blueprints.

Vote for the game mode, location, and the number of laps and race against other players based on personal vehicle Rank. The number of points you get for winning depends on the number of racers and the number of races you compete in. All racers appear on the leaderboards, which showcases the best time and achievement.  

Daily wins grant you rewards when you compete in multiplayer and finish several races in one of the top 3 positions. Rewards are better with the more wins you accumulate, and reset daily.

Limited-Time Events
These sets of races are only available for a certain time. Tap the Claim Your Rewards banner to collect your items. If the event asks for a specific vehicle to complete the challenge, double-check that the name of your vehicle matches. Using any other vehicle will not complete the challenge.

Launch Event
Use Fuses to participate. Fuses refill once empty to a maximum of three. Finish all three stages to unlock the exclusive car. If you couldn't finish the event in time, you'll need to get the car another way, but the upgrades stay regardless.

Currency and Unlockables

Used to buy many different types of items. Earn by racing in Career mode, Vehicle Masteries, and Multiplayer. The number won depends on your position, the number of Stars earned in Career mode, or your performance during the race (represented by medals).

Used to buy exclusive Decals for vehicles, rare Boxes, and Black Market items. Earn by playing Limited-Time Events, maintaining win streaks in Multiplayer, getting 2-3 Stars from Season levels, and in daily mission rewards.

Used to measure your progress throughout Career mode. There are 225 events with 3 Stars to gain in each. Depending on the game mode, the first Star always won by position/time/score in a Career event. The others are won by completing 2 objectives per event. These objectives are described in the pre-race screen.

Get this item by earning them from Boxes, participating in Limited-Time Events, and earning Stars in Career mode. They are granted by lottery, so each one will be random. Cards can't be sold. 

Black Market
The shop refreshes every 6 hours with a selection of cards you can buy with Credits or Crowns.

Vehicle Information and Customization

Unlocking and upgrading
Collect the number of Blueprints needed to unlock a vehicle. Get Blueprints by opening the Boxes you collect as rewards or buy from the Black Market. To upgrade your vehicle, you'll need enough Blueprints, Tool Cards, and Credits. Once a vehicle is unlocked it can't be sold. 

Vehicle Rank
An indicator of power, and is tied to the acceleration, top speed, handling, and Nitro of the vehicle. Improve your vehicle Rank with Rank-Up Tools found inside Boxes to advance. You can increase a vehicle's Rank (up to level 50) by upgrading it in the garage menu, or by unlocking a vehicle with a higher Rank.

Customization options for a vehicle
Customize your vehicles with Decals - tap on the vehicle, then tap on the sprayer in the lower left corner. You can win Decals in exclusive Limited-Time Events and vehicle Mastery races, or buy them with Crowns. The vehicle window tint cannot be adjusted. 

Vehicle handling on Hindering Terrain
Hindering Terrain on the tracks affects vehicles in different ways. Mud and water slow down all vehicles except the heavier ones (Trucks and Monster Trucks). Ice makes all vehicles slide more.

How to Race

Checking goals and objectives
In Career mode, objectives are explained in the pre-race screen. Tap on any poster to get extra info about the race, the type of challenge, and the second and third-Star objectives. Once a race and the vehicle are chosen, you'll see the objectives again on the loading screen.

Nitro are boosts found during a race by collecting nitro bottles, or by performing tricks in-game such as flat spins and barrel rolls, drifts, jumps, knockdowns, and destroying breakables. Collect these while racing to fill your Nitro bar and unleash it by tapping the screen. Tap once to consume a portion of Nitro, or tap multiple times to boost more and make it stronger.

Long Nitro
Activate Long Nitro by tapping once to make a red section appear on the end of the activated Nitro chunk. Tap the Nitro again once the Nitro bar reaches the red, and your next chunk will be consumed more slowly. Using Archetypes such as SUVs or trucks will make it easier for you to perform long chains.

Steer long enough to start drifting. You can also tap the brake while steering to force it earlier. Use drifts to navigate dangerous curves. Stop a drift by steering the vehicle straight. A quick Nitro boost will also pull you out of the drift and around particularly sharp turns.

Barrel Rolls and Flat Spins
These tricks reward Nitro during a race. Skilled players can perform several rolls or spins in a single jump - a solid strategy to quickly fill your vehicle's Nitro bar.

  • Barrel rolls are aerial maneuvers that send the vehicle flying in a corkscrew trajectory. It can be started by jumping off curved ramps at high speed.

  • Flat spins are another aerial trick where the vehicle spins in the air. It can be triggered by jumping off a normal ramp while drifting.

These are bonuses that affect all the races a player starts for a time duration. Buy them with Credits before the start of every race, or get them as gifts or rewards. When activated, a timer appears on the Boosters screen. Activating more than one of the same type will add to the existing time limit. 

  • There are 4 types of Boosters: 

    • Double Credits: Doubles the number of credits you earn at the end of all races for a limited time.

    • Nitro Recharger: Fills the Nitro bar at double the speed.

    • Extra Tank: Extends the capacity of your Nitro bar.

    • Boosted Wheels: Grants your vehicle immunity to hindering terrain. (Trucks and Monster Trucks are already immune to hindering terrain.)

There are special paths on the tracks that can only be broken open by heavy vehicles like Monster Trucks and Trucks. Skilled players can sneak onto shortcuts if a heavy vehicle clears the entrance first.

Racing on different tracks with vehicles of different tiers
You have to unlock events to race on the different tracks. You can race in all unlocked events using any vehicle you may already have, although you can check the event information to get a hint about which Archetype will perform better in that specific event.

Changing camera view
While racing, tap the small camera in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also change it by tapping pause > Options > Sound & Display.

Change the radio station
While racing, in the upper left corner tap pauseand choose the type of music you like.

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