Manage Access and Devices

The Manage Access and Devices page shows you details about signed-in devices that have been recently active on the account. You can also use it to sign out of these devices.

Devices may take up to 48 hours to appear on this page, not all devices signed into the account will be shown, and complete information may not be shown for all devices. For example, the page won’t show devices that haven’t been active in the last 90 days, have only been used to play Netflix Games, or have only been used to access Tudum.

Information Shown

  • Device: The devices that are signed in to use Netflix. A "Current Device" label shows which device you’re currently viewing the page from. Icons show the type of device -- TV, computer, phone, game console, etc.

  • Profiles: The profile with the most recent viewing activity on that device. We won’t show a profile if there hasn’t been recent viewing activity on the device.

  • Time: Shows the date and time of the most recent activity on this device. We won’t show this if there hasn’t been recent activity on the device.

If you see unknown devices listed on the page, see How to keep your account secure

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