Troubleshoot Streaming Issues on your Android Device

If you're unable to stream Netflix on your Android phone or tablet, try resolving the issue with these steps:

Restart your Android phone or tablet
  1. Power off your Android phone or tablet by holding down the power button.

  2. Confirm that you want to turn off your Android.

  3. Press the power button again to power your Android back on.

  4. Once your Android finishes turning on, try Netflix again.

Clear the Netflix app data
  1. From the Home screen on your device, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select General.

    • If you don't see General, continue to the next step.

  3. Select Apps or Applications.

  4. Select Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps.

    • If you don't see these selections, continue to the next step.

  5. Scroll down and select Netflix.

    • If you don't see Netflix, check the Downloaded tab.

  6. Select Storage.

    • If you don't see Storage, continue to the next step

  7. Select Clear Data, then OK.

  8. Try Netflix again.

Some Android devices do not have the option to clear Netflix app data. If you are unable to complete these steps, continue troubleshooting below.
Reinstall the Netflix app
  1. Open the Play Store app.

  2. Search for Netflix.

  3. Once in the Netflix app store page, select Uninstall.

    Uninstalling the Netflix app will delete any titles you have downloaded to the device.
  4. Select OK to confirm.

  5. Once uninstallation is complete, select Install.

  6. Once installation is complete, select Open.

  7. Try Netflix again.

Troubleshoot network connection issues

If you're still not able to connect to Netflix, here are some steps to resolve network connection issues.

What should I do next?

If you have completed the steps above but are still unable to connect to Netflix, search our Help Center for the error code or issue you're experiencing (e.g. "ui-1111" or "unable to connect to Netflix").