I can't sign in to Netflix.com.

If you've forgotten or no longer have access to your sign in email and password, see our Lost Netflix Password or Sign in Information article to reset your account info and regain access to your account.

If you know your sign in information is correct and you're still having problems signing in or entering your account details into the Netflix website, your computer might be having trouble storing Netflix website information. Try the steps below to refresh that information and get back into your account.

  1. Enable cookies in your web browser.
    Netflix requires cookies to run.
  2. Clear the Netflix cookies from your browser by going to netflix.com/clearcookies, then try to sign in again.
    • If you still can't sign in, try the next step.
  3. Upgrade your browser to the latest version, or sign in with a different web browser.
    Supported web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (Mac only) and Chrome.

    Add Netflix as a trusted site in Internet Explorer
    1. In Internet Explorer, select the gear icon () or Tools from the upper-right corner of the window.
    2. Select Internet Options.
    3. Select the Security tab.
    4. Select Trusted Sites, then select the Sites button.
    5. Uncheck Require server verification.
    6. Delete anything related to Netflix in the Websites: field.
    7. Type *.netflix.com in the Add this website to the zone field.
    8. Select the Add button.
    9. Select the Close button.
    • If you're using Internet Explorer, you may need to add Netflix as a trusted site.

Wait time: less than 1 minute