Maturity ratings and classifications on Netflix

Make informed viewing choices for you and your family with maturity ratings for TV shows and movies on Netflix.

  • Maturity ratings are either set by Netflix or by a local standards organization. 

  • Netflix sets maturity ratings by the frequency and impact of mature content in a title, such as the amount of violence, sex, adult language, nudity, or substance use that may be present.

  • Netflix also provides details on the mature content found within a TV show or movie, if applicable.

  • TV show ratings reflect the overall maturity level of the whole series.

  • TV and movie ratings may vary by region.

In Brazil, Netflix uses the following TV and movie ratings:



Suitable for all audiences


Not recommended for ages 9 and under



Not recommended for ages 11 and under


Not recommended for ages 13 and under


Not recommended for ages 15 and under



Not recommended for ages 17 and under

You can find a title’s maturity rating:

  • When first playing a title, the rating will appear briefly in the top corner of your screen.

  • On a TV show or movie’s details page. The location of this information may vary by device.

In addition to the rating, you’ll also find details about the content of the title that determined the rating (for example: sex, language, drugs, nudity).

To set a maturity rating level for a profile, go to Profile and Parental Controls, choose a profile, and select Viewing Restrictions.

Profiles with a set maturity level will only show titles that fit the selected maturity rating level. You can also block specific shows and movies from individual profiles.

For more information, see Parental Controls on Netflix.