How do I set parental controls on my Netflix account?

You can control access to certain maturity levels of Netflix content from the Your Account page under Manage Profiles. Parental control settings must be changed from a computer, and will apply to all devices currently attached to your Netflix account.

Netflix parental controls consist of 4 maturity levels:

  • Little Kids - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for all ages.
  • Older Kids - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for older kids.
  • Teens - Watch movies and TV shows suitable for teens.
  • Adults - Watch all movies and TV shows, including mature content.

You can set parental controls on individual profiles by clicking edit for the profile and then changing the parental control setting from the drop down. If you want to make a profile kid-friendly by default, click the checkbox "This is a profile for kids under 12" in the Manage Profiles section of your account. Profiles that are configured for kids under 12 are not able to connect to Facebook.

To watch a movie or TV show that has a maturity level higher than the parental controls you have set on your profile, you will need to adjust the controls on that profile to include that maturity level.

Take a look at the television or movie rating system to find more detailed information on how ratings are determined for your region.

Note: It can take up to 8 hours for changes to parental controls to take effect. To speed this process up, simply log out of your Netflix account on the device you want to watch on, then log back in.

German customers: Click here for information on how to set a PIN for parental controls.

Wait time: less than 1 minute