How to manage your account-level PIN

If you have already set up a PIN on your account, you have the option to PIN-lock profiles individually, or restrict viewing on the entire account using one PIN.

Lock individual profiles with unique PINs

To lock individual profiles on your account, make sure you have the latest version of parental controls. The latest version will allow you more control to customize viewing for each profile on your account, and PIN-lock certain profiles.

Once you update to customize parental controls for each profile, there isn’t an option to go back to a single PIN for the entire account. Your existing PIN will be removed from your account.

Continue using a single PIN

If you are using a single parental controls PIN on your account to restrict viewing of certain maturity levels or titles, you can now apply and customize controls for each profile. Visit Parental Controls on your Account page to learn how. 

If you want to continue using a single PIN, do not update to the latest version of parental controls.

  • You will be prompted for this PIN according to your current parental control maturity level.

  • Your existing maturity level and title restrictions will apply to your account.

    You will not be able to edit your PIN or restricted maturity levels without getting the latest profile-level controls.

    If you change your settings to customize controls on each profile, your existing PIN will be removed from your account.

Your device may require a refresh to pick up the updated settings. To refresh:
– Switch to another profile, then switch back.
– Or, sign out of your device and sign back in.

To take full advantage of Parental Controls on Netflix, make sure you have the latest parental controls.

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