Netflix Error 113

If you see the error code 113 on your Apple TV, often accompanied by one of the following messages:

Sorry, we had trouble logging you in.
Your Netflix account name or password couldn't be verified. Please try again. Go to for more information.

It usually means there's an issue with your sign-in information. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.

Verify your email and password

Make sure that you entered the correct email and password before you try to sign in again. If you're using your remote control to sign in, you can to navigate back to the email address entry screen to verify or update this information. If you still can't sign in, continue troubleshooting below.

Reset your password

Reset your password by sending yourself a password reset email. If you previously added a verified phone number to your account, you can also reset your password by text message (SMS) by clicking on forgot password and selecting text message (SMS).

If you still can't sign in after resetting your password, continue troubleshooting below.

Reinstall the Netflix app

Delete Netflix

  1. From the Apple TV home screen, highlight the Netflix app.

  2. Press and hold the center of your remote's touch surface or clickpad until the Netflix icon starts to shake.

  3. Press the Play/Pause button to delete the app.

  4. Select Delete again to confirm.

Reinstall Netflix

  1. From the Apple TV home screen, open the App Store.

  2. Search for Netflix to find the app, then select Install.

  3. Try Netflix again.