Netflix says 'Your password must be between 4 and 60 characters.'

If you see an error that says

Your password must be between 4 and 60 characters and may not contain a tilde (~).

It typically indicates that your password does not meet the Netflix password criteria. If your password does meet the criteria but you are still experiencing the issue, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Do you have security software installed?

Antivirus and firewall software are important tools to keep your computer secure. However, they may occasionally interfere with Netflix unintentionally. Updating or temporarily disabling your security software may help resolve these issues.

Important Disclaimer: These steps are intended for advanced computer users. Serious problems can occur if you configure your security software incorrectly. Netflix customer support cannot assist in performing these steps. If you are not comfortable updating, configuring, or disabling your security software, contact your security software manufacturer for assistance. They may be able to help you configure their software to avoid interfering with Netflix safely.
  • Install available updates for your security software. The software's manufacturer may have already corrected problems causing their product to interfere with Netflix.

  • Temporarily disable your security software and try Netflix again.

    • If the problem does not occur when your security software is disabled, this may indicate that the software is outdated or unintentionally interfering with Netflix. Re-activate it, then reach out to your security software's manufacturer to address the issue.