Netflix Error 10016-22005

If you get this error on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, usually with this message:

You'll need to remove downloads from this device, or from another device on your plan. For more info, go to (10016-22005)

It means you’ve reached the limit of how many downloads you can have from a studio or distributor. Some studio or distributor license agreements set a limit on how many downloads you can have at once.

Deleting the downloads you’re done watching is usually enough to fix this error.

Delete a single TV show or movie

  1. In the lower right, tap My Netflix.

  2. Tap Downloads, then tap a TV show or movie.

  3. Next to the episode or movie with the issue, tap the download status icon downloaded title icon.

  4. Tap Delete Download Delete Download icon.

Delete all downloads

  1. In the lower right, tap My Netflix.

  2. In the upper right, tap More more icon.

  3. Tap App Settings app settings icon.

  4. Tap Delete All Downloads delete all downloads icon, then tap Delete.

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