Can't download a TV show or movie

If you have trouble downloading a TV show or movie from the Netflix app, pick the option that best matches your issue to get help.

Error message or code when downloading

To find an article with steps to fix the error, search our Help Center for the exact error message or code.

Can download some titles but not others

If you can download some TV shows and movies but not others, or if you don't see the Download icon Download icon next to the title you want to watch offline, it means that title can't be downloaded. Learn why some titles aren't available for download.

Can't find the option to download

If you can't find the option to download, or don't see the Download icon Download Icon anywhere in Netflix on your device:

If your device can download, but you still have trouble, there might be a different problem.

To fix the problem, follow the steps for your device.

Android phone or tablet

Update the Netflix app

If you're on your Android phone or tablet, open the Netflix page in the Play Store, then tap Update.

You can also update the Netflix app with these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store app. If you don't have it, you might need to fix an issue with the Play Store.

  2. In the Search bar, type "Netflix."

  3. In the list, tap the Netflix app. If you can't find the Netflix app, follow the steps in this article instead.

  4. Tap Update. If you don't see this option, the app is already up to date.

Update your Android OS version

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap System > System update.

  3. Check for and install available updates.

  4. Try Netflix again.

Clear the Netflix app data

Resetting the app will delete any downloads saved to your device and sign you out of Netflix.
  1. Go to your device's home screen or apps list.

  2. Tap and hold the Netflix app, then tap App info.

  3. Tap Storage & cache > Clear storage > OK.

  4. Try Netflix again.

The steps to clear an app's data may be different for your device. For help, check the manual that came with your device or contact the company that made it.

Enable download storage

  1. From the Android home screen, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Apps or Apps Manager.

  3. Select Netflix.

  4. Select Permissions.

  5. Switch Storage to On.

  6. Try Netflix again.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Update the Netflix app

  1. Go to the home screen, then tap App Store.

  2. Tap Search, and enter "Netflix".

  3. In the list, find and tap Netflix, then tap Update. You may need to enter your Apple ID password. If you forgot it, follow Apple's steps to reset it.

  4. When the update is done, try Netflix again.

Update your iOS version

Follow Apple's steps to update your device to the latest version, then try Netflix again.

Reinstall the Netflix app

Uninstalling the app will delete any downloads saved to your device and sign you out of Netflix.
  1. Go to the home screen, then tap and hold the Netflix app.

  2. Tap Remove app > Delete app > Delete.

  3. Open the App Store and search for "Netflix."

  4. Tap on Netflix, then tap the cloud icon to get the app. You may need to enter your Apple ID password. If you forgot it, follow Apple's steps to reset it.

  5. When the app is installed, try Netflix again.

If you can't find the Netflix app after removing it, follow Apple's steps to redownload an app from the App Store.


Downloads are supported on Windows 10 or 11 computers that are using the Netflix app from the Microsoft Store.

Downloads are not supported on Mac computers or on web browsers, for example: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

If you're using the Netflix app on a Windows 10 or 11 computer, follow these steps to fix the problem.

Update Windows

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key.

  2. Select Settings .

  3. Select Update & security.

  4. Windows will check for updates. If it doesn't, select Check for updates.

  5. Once the updates are installed, restart your computer and try Netflix again.

If there are no updates or updating doesn't fix the problem, go to the next step.

Check your Windows version

Windows 10 computers need to be running on Windows version 1607 or above. To check your computer's version:

  1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard.

  2. Type "About your PC," then click About your PC.

  3. Under Windows specifications, check the Version number.

If the version number is below 1607 and there were no Windows updates available, you'll need to contact your computer manufacturer or Microsoft support for help updating your computer to a supported version.

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