Can't download a TV show or movie

Not all TV shows and movies are available for download, so you may see the Download icon Download icon for some titles but not others.

If you don't see the Download icon for any TV shows or movies, there may be a problem with your device, or downloading may not be available on your device. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Android phone or tablet

Update the Netflix app

  1. Open the Play Store app.

  2. In the Search bar, search for "Netflix."

  3. From the search results, tap the Netflix app.

  4. Tap Update.

    • If you see only Uninstall or Open, the Netflix app is already up to date.

If the Netflix app doesn't show in the search results, follow the steps in Can't find the Netflix app in app stores.

If you don't have the Play Store app, visit Google's support site for help.

Update your Android

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Find System update or Software update.

  3. Check for and install available updates.

  4. Try Netflix again.

Run Netflix app diagnostics

  1. From the upper right corner, tap the Profile icon.

  2. Tap App Settings.

  3. Scroll down to Diagnostics and tap Download.

    • If you don't see Download, skip this step.

  4. From the list below, click the error code that matches the one on your screen for next steps.

If you got an error code that isn't on this list, contact Netflix Customer Service.

Clear the Netflix app data

Clearing app data will delete any TV shows and movies you have downloaded to the device.
  1. From the home screen on your device, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select General.

    • If you don't see General, continue to the next step.

  3. Select Apps or Applications.

  4. Select Manage Applications, Application Manager, or Manage All Apps.

    • If you don't see these selections, continue to the next step.

  5. Scroll down and select Netflix.

    • If you don't see Netflix, check the Downloaded tab.

  6. Select Storage.

    • If you don't see Storage, continue to the next step

  7. Select Clear Data or Clear Storage, then OK.

  8. Try Netflix again.

Enable download storage

  1. From the Android home screen, navigate to Settings.

  2. Select Apps or Apps Manager.

  3. Select Netflix.

  4. Select Permissions.

  5. Switch Storage to On.

  6. Try Netflix again.

What to do next

If the above steps don't help, downloading may not be available on your device.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Reinstall the Netflix app

Deleting the Netflix app will also delete any TV shows or movies you have downloaded.
  1. From the home screen, tap and hold the Netflix app.

  2. Tap Remove app > Delete app > Delete.

  3. Open the App Store and search for "Netflix."

  4. Tap on the free Netflix app from Netflix, Inc.

  5. To install the app, tap the cloud icon.

    You might need to enter your Apple ID and password. If you forgot your Apple ID or password, go to the Apple support site for help.
  6. Once installed, try Netflix again.

If you can't find the Netflix app in the App Store, go to the Apple support site for help.

What to do next

If you still can't download TV shows or movies after updating the Netflix app, or if you already have the latest version of the Netflix app installed, downloading may not be available on your device.

Windows 10 computer or tablet

Use the Netflix app for Windows 10

Downloading titles on a Windows 10 computer requires the latest version of the Netflix app, and is not supported in a browser.

Update Windows

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key.

  2. Select Settings .

  3. Select Update & security.

  4. Windows will check for updates. If it doesn't, select Check for updates.

  5. Once the updates are installed, restart your computer and try Netflix again.

If no updates are found or this doesn't fix the problem, continue below.

Check your Windows version

To download TV shows and movies, your computer needs to be on Windows Version 1607 or higher. Follow the steps below to check your Windows version.

  1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard.

  2. Type "About your PC," then click About your PC.

  3. Under Windows specifications, check the Version number.

If the version number is below 1607, your computer may be having problems updating Windows. Contact Microsoft support or your computer manufacturer for help.

If the version number is 1607 or higher, continue below.

What to do next

We're looking into this problem. To help us investigate, please contact Netflix Customer Service.

All other devices

Downloading may not be available on your device.