I received a 'password reset required' email

If you received a password reset required email from Netflix, do the following to change it and get back to watching Netflix. 

  1. Click or tap the set a new password button in the email. Or for extra security, you can instead visit Netflix.com, select "sign in," and then select “Need help?” 

  2. Enter a new password that you haven’t used before. You will not be able to use your old password and will get an error message if you attempt to update it to your old one.

    Your new password should be:

    • Unique to Netflix and not used for other websites or apps

    • At least 8 characters long

    • A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols using both upper and lower-case letters

    • Not easily guessed - such as “password,” “12345,” or your personal information (name, birthday, address)

    A password manager can make it easier to keep track of unique passwords.

    You should change your password regularly. Update it from your Account page, or you can send yourself a password reset email or text message.

  3. Choose Require all devices to sign in again with new password during the reset process.

    It may take up to 1 hour to remove all devices signed in to your account. You will need to sign in again with your new password for any devices you wish to use.
  4. If your old Netflix password was used for other web sites or apps, we recommend that you also create unique passwords for those sites.

Why did Netflix change my password? 

We sometimes reset account passwords due to: 

  • data breaches at other companies 

  • phishing 

  • suspicious account behavior 

  • malware attacks

For more ways to keep your account safe, including instructions for reporting a suspicious email, visit How to keep your account secure.

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