Netflix Playback Error NW-4-7 on Sony PlayStation 3

If you get the error code NW-4-7 on your PS3, accompanied by a message that says,

Cannot Connect to Netflix. nw-4-7

This error is usually caused by an Internet setting preventing you from reaching the Netflix service. To resolve this issue, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Verify Proper DNS Settings
  1. From the PS3 main menu, navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Network Settings.
  3. Select Internet Connection Settings.
  4. Press OK on the confirmation screen.
  5. Select Custom.
  6. Choose either Wired Connection or Wireless, depending on the type of network being used.
    • If Wireless, use the following steps before proceeding.
      • Under the WLAN section, select Enter Manually.
      • Press to the right three times to get to IP Address Setting (your previously saved SSID, Security Setting, and Password will be automatically input for you).
    • If Wired connection, select Auto-Detect for Operation mode.
  7. Select Automatic for IP Address Setting.
  8. Select Do Not Set for DHCP host name.
  9. Select Automatic for DNS Setting.
  10. Tap right on the analog stick until Press the X button to save settings is displayed onscreen.
  11. Press the X button.
  12. Select Test Connection.

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