Report content issues or share title feedback

If you notice an issue with the quality, sound, picture, video, or subtitles on a TV show or movie, you can report it directly to Netflix using our Report a Problem tool. Reporting a problem notifies our content teams to look into the issue and work on fixing it as quickly as possible.

You can use the Report a Problem tool to report any of the following issues with a title:

  • Buffering

  • Problems with the subtitles or captions, including quality or availability

  • Problems with the audio or dubbing, including quality or availability

  • Problems with the video quality or aspect ratio

  • Volume levels

  • Episodes or seasons out of order

  • Problems with the maturity rating or classification

  • Artwork or description errors

If you're having playback issues on every title, visit Video issues with Netflix or TV show or movie has sound issues for more help.

How to report playback issues

You can report a problem for a title while watching it on Netflix in a web browser, or from your Account page on the Netflix website.

Report while watching a TV show or movie in a web browser

  1. Click the flag icon in the player controls at the top of the screen.

  2. Select what you are having trouble with:

    • Buffering & Loading (The video is blurry, buffering, or not loading.)

    • Subtitles & Captions (The subtitles or captions don't seem to be working correctly.)

    • Audio & Video (It's hard to hear or view the video.)

    • Another Issue (There's something else that's wrong with the show or movie.)

  3. Select any issues that apply in the category chosen above.

  4. Enter additional details about the problem or add an issue you don't see available in the comment box, if applicable.

  5. Select Send to report your problem.

Report from your Account

  1. Access your Viewing Activity from the Netflix website.

  2. Find the title you're having an issue with.

  3. Select Report a problem next to the specific title or episode that has the issue.

  4. Select from the following options:

    • Mislabeled movie or TV episode (wrong title or summary, episode out of order)

    • Problems with video (blurry, cuts out, or looks strange in some way)

    • Problems with sound (hard to hear, not matched with video, missing sound in some parts)

    • Problems with subtitles or captions (missing, hard to read, not matched with sound, misspellings, or poor translations)

  5. Enter additional details about the problem, if applicable.

  6. Select the Report Problem button to submit your feedback.

How reporting helps improve Netflix

When you report a problem with a title, it helps us prioritize the issues our members are experiencing. While not every issue will be fixed right away, reporting a problem provides insight into where issues are occurring.

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