Netflix Preview Club

Netflix Preview Club is an invite-only opportunity where members watch early versions of TV shows and movies before they’re released to tell us what they think. Our creators may use that feedback when editing the final cut to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

How do I join?

Netflix Preview Club is an invite-only opportunity offered to Netflix members at no additional cost. Members are pre-selected to join based on things like their viewing behavior and how long they’ve been a Netflix member. We don’t accept requests to join.

If you get an invitation to Netflix Preview Club, follow the link and instructions provided to get started.

When joining, register with the same email address you use to sign in to Netflix. If you use the wrong email, you may be unable to join Netflix Preview Club.

Getting an invitation doesn’t guarantee you’ll qualify for Netflix Preview Club.

How do I know an email invite is from Netflix and not a scam?

Netflix Preview Club is an invite-only opportunity. If selected, you’ll get an email from,, or a notification in the Netflix app.

If you follow the invite to join, you’ll be sent to a website hosted by our trusted third-party partner, Alida. After following the link, you’ll be asked to provide some personal information, such as age, gender identity, and genre preferences. We won’t request any payment information or your Netflix account password.

Learn more about phishing or suspicious emails and surveys from Netflix to protect your account.

How does the club work?

After you’re invited, the first step in joining Netflix Preview Club is to answer a few questions to make sure you qualify. If you do, we’ll send an email confirmation with a link to verify that it’s you. Follow the email confirmation link to successfully join.

From there, here’s what you can expect:

  • Within a few days, you’ll get another email with a questionnaire to help us better understand your viewing preferences.

  • Once a screening is scheduled, you’ll get invited via email. Invites are sent a few days before the screening is available to watch, allowing you time to plan. Screenings are usually open for a few days and we usually try to have them open on weekends.

  • We’ll follow up with another email when the screening is available for you to watch on Netflix. You’ll also get a unique PIN and directions to access the screening.

  • You’ll have about four days to watch the screening and complete the survey to tell us your thoughts. The survey should take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

  • After you complete the survey, you’re done for now! However, you may also get invited to a focus group to discuss the TV show or movie with other members and a moderator. Focus groups are entirely optional.

Follow these steps for each new screening invite.

After joining

How much time will it take?

Each screening involves watching a movie or an episode of a TV show, followed by a 10 to 20-minute survey. Depending on the TV show or movie runtime, it could take anywhere from 40 minutes to about three and a half hours.

You can expect a few screening invites a year, maybe more, maybe less. How many you get depends on factors like our screening schedule, the target audience for the TV show or movie, and your participation in past screenings.

Is what I’ll watch finished?

Netflix Preview Club members get an exclusive chance to join the creative process before a TV show or movie is finished and ready to be released. We try to screen TV shows and movies months before we release them so that we have time to implement any changes based on Netflix Preview Club members' feedback.

You may notice the following during your screening:

  • Unfinished sound or visual effects

  • Green screens or stunt cables

  • No music in some scenes

  • Missing subtitles

Completeness of a TV show or movie will vary from screening to screening. Still, we only release the highest production quality you’d expect from Netflix as the final version for our global audience.

Because Netflix Preview Club members are trusted to watch TV shows and movies that are a work-in-progress, you must keep what you watch confidential.

How do I find a screening in the Preview Content row?

You can only watch a Netflix Preview Club screening on your main profile. Sign in to your Netflix account, choose the primary (or first) profile, and slowly scroll down the Netflix home screen (where all TV shows and movies are found) until you see a row titled Preview Content. The available Netflix Preview Club screening is displayed under this row.

You can also try searching for the TV show or movie title. Learn how to search and browse Netflix.

If you’re using a Smart TV or streaming player that connects to a TV, you may need to restart your device to see the Preview Content row on your main profile.

After watching, remember to complete the survey sent to the email used to join Netflix Preview Club before the survey close date.

Why isn’t a TV show or movie in my Preview Content row?

If the TV show or movie isn’t available in your Preview Content row, the screening window to watch hasn’t started yet or has already closed. Start and end dates for screenings and surveys are always included in the email invitation, and you won’t be able to watch after it closes.

Keep an eye out for invites to future screenings.

How do I fix issues with my PIN?

The PIN provided to you after joining Netflix Preview Club is required to watch all TV shows and movies in the Preview Content row. If you forget your PIN or have issues after entering it, find any screening invitation email and look for the ‘Click here to reset your PIN’ link to request a new PIN.

Can I watch with others?

While the primary account owner needs to join Netflix Preview Club, screenings can be enjoyed by everyone you live with, regardless of their age (just remember that everyone who watches must keep the information confidential).

Each screening invite includes details about the show or movie, like a plot summary and estimated rating, so you can make informed choices about who to watch with. Sometimes, we specifically encourage you to watch with certain types of people, such as kids, when we have an animated show or movie available.   

How will I impact the final cut?

Collective feedback from Netflix Preview Club members is shared directly with the TV show or movie creators. Past member feedback has inspired creators to swap scenes, edit visuals, and even re-shoot entire sequences. Many TV shows and movies screened through Netflix Preview Club end up in our Top 10 rows, so your feedback has a real impact on creating content the world loves!

We can’t guarantee that we’ll change the TV show or movie before we release it, but all feedback is seriously considered before final creative decisions are made.

What do I get for participating?

Netflix Preview Club members get exclusive access to never-before-seen content before the general public. Your feedback helps improve the viewing experience for all Netflix members!

If you’re having an issue not addressed above, contact us

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