How can I find out about new TV shows and movies on Netflix?

You can follow Netflix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest Netflix news, and see posts about newly added TV shows and movies in your region.

Our Facebook page will appear in your preferred language if you are signed in to Facebook. If you aren't signed in, it will appear in the main language of the country you're located in.

To learn about upcoming Netflix Originals, please see our Media Center.

Region Facebook Twitter Instagram
USA @Netflix
Canada @Netflix_CA
Latin America @NetflixLAT
Brazil @NetflixBrasil
UK & Ireland @NetflixUK
Nordics @NetflixNordic
Netherlands @NetflixNL
France @NetflixFR
Germany @NetflixDE
Austria @NetflixDE
Switzerland @NetflixDE
Belgium / Luxembourg

@NetflixFR (French)

@NetflixNL (Dutch)

Australia & New Zealand @NetflixANZ
Japan @NetflixJP
Spain @NetflixES
Portugal @NetflixPT
Italy @NetflixIT
ASIA (Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan) @NetflixAsia
South Korea @NetflixKR
Middle East and North Africa @Netflix_MENA
India @NetflixIndia --
Philippines @Netflix_PH
Poland @NetflixPL
Turkey @Netflixturkiye
Thailand @Netflixth
Romania - -

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