Where can I find kid-friendly content on Netflix?

The kids section on Netflix is a kid-friendly part of the Netflix experience where you'll find content appropriate for kids. To access the kids section, you'll need to create a kids profile on your Netflix account. This profile will show exclusively kid-friendly content, and have a character navigation bar that makes it easy for kids to find their favorite shows and movies.

When watching downloaded titles on a kids profile, you will only be able to play titles that were downloaded while using that profile.

Profile tools, such as viewing activity, ratings, and language, are not yet available in the Netflix kids section. My List is available on Kids profiles on some devices.

You can access the kids section from:

  • Netflix Website

  • PlayStation 3

  • PlayStation 4

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox 360

  • Wii

  • Apple TV

  • Apple devices running iOS 5 or later

  • Select TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes

  • More devices coming soon. Stay tuned!​