Why is my language not supported on my device?

When trying to watch Netflix on your TV or mobile device, you may see a message that the device does not support the local language in your region or the language preference you have set.

There are two potential causes for this:

Outdated App

The current version of the Netflix app on your device may not be up to date and might simply need to be updated. The message on your screen will let you know that you will need to update the app in order to use Netflix in your preferred language.

Please install all available app updates for your device to ensure that you are able to use all supported languages for that device. If your language is not supported on the most recent app version, it may become available in a future update.

Older Devices

Some older generation devices may not support Netflix in your preferred language. As an alternative, you can always use the app in English, or you can use Netflix on another device in your preferred language.

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