Netflix says, 'This app is not compatible with your device.'

When trying to download the Netflix app, this message may appear on your Android phone or tablet:

This app is not compatible with your device.

This message usually means your device can't get the Netflix app from the Google Play Store because it isn't Play Protect certified.

To fix the problem:

Check your device's Play Protect status
  1. Open the Play Store app.

  2. In the upper right, tap your Profile icon.

  3. Tap Settings > About.

  4. Under Play Protect certification, check your device's certification status.

If you see Device is certified, contact us for more help.

If your device isn't certified, you'll need to use a supported device to watch Netflix. We recommend contacting your device's manufacturer to ask for a Play Protect certified device. To learn more, go to Google's support page about Play Protect certification.

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