Ultra HD 4K logo doesn't show next to TV shows and movies

If you don't see any TV shows or movies with the Ultra HD 4K logo in Netflix, follow the steps for your device below.

Before following these steps, make sure you meet Ultra HD requirements.

Amazon Fire TV/Stick

To watch titles in Ultra HD, you may need to change the video resolution setting on your device. Follow these steps to change the setting:

  1. From the Amazon home, screen go to Settings > Display & Sounds > Display.

  2. Open the Video Resolution section.

  3. Select Auto (up to 4K Ultra HD).

    If you see an Auto option, but not Auto (up to 4K Ultra HD), check whether your Amazon Fire TV device meets Ultra HD requirements.
  4. Try Netflix again.

Windows 10 computer

Update Windows

  1. Press the Windows Key on the keyboard.

  2. Select Settings .

  3. Select Update & security.

  4. Windows will check for updates. If it doesn't, select Check for updates.

  5. Once the updates are installed, restart your computer and try Netflix again.

Make sure your video drivers are up to date

You may need to update your computer's video driver, or install a video driver supported by Windows 10.

Netflix Customer Service can't help with these steps. If you aren't comfortable doing them by yourself, contact your computer's manufacturer for help.

  • If your computer uses a graphics card or GPU, use the software that was installed with the card to update its video driver.

    AMD and NVIDIA are the most common producers of GPUs and GPU software.
  • If an update didn't work or there were no updates available, uninstall the driver and reinstall it.

  • If there is no video driver for your computer that is supported by Windows 10, try playing Netflix with a different device or browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Install the HEVC Video Extension

To play videos in Ultra HD 4K, you may have to install a video extension from Microsoft.

This video extension usually comes built-in on computers, but your computer might not have it. It requires payment to download, so make sure you've tried the previous steps first.
  1. Go to Microsoft's HEVC Video Extensions page.

  2. Click Buy.

  3. If asked, sign in to your Microsoft account.

  4. Select the payment method you want to use, or add a new payment method.

  5. Click Buy.

  6. In the list that appears, check the box by your computer's name.

  7. Click Install now.

  8. If asked, click Open Microsoft Store.

    • You might be asked to enter the PIN or password you use to sign in to your computer.

  9. Click Install.

  10. When the installation is done, close the Microsoft Store and try Netflix again.

What to do next

We're looking into this problem. To help us investigate, please contact Netflix Customer Service.

All other devices

We're looking into this problem. To help us investigate, please contact Netflix Customer Service.